23/177 MV ACT Fine List under Motor Vehicles Act | Traffic Offences Fine and Punishment Details

23/177 MV ACT Fine List, Check out details of punishments, penalties, and amount of fine charged by traffic police for breaking traffic rules as per Motor Vehicle Act under section 177

23/177 MV ACT Fine List: The Indian Road Rules of the road regulation were brought into effect since July, 1989. These rules are germane to the Indian drivers, while on the road to ensure as orderly traffic and a safer journey. Violation of these "Rules of Road Regulation" is a punishable transgression as per the city specific traffic police rules and the "Motor Vehicle Act".

Under 23/177 Motor Vehicle Act 2019, If any person violates the traffic rules then he or she is liable to get punished under section 177 MV ACT. The rule and regulation implemented by the government and traffic department must be followed by every citizen of the country otherwise they have to pay fine and penalties for breaking traffic rules. 23/177 MV ACT fine list and punishment for 1st and 2nd offense is given below.

177 mv act Fine List 2024

Enforcement of traffic laws -rules regulation and acts can bear out the road accidents. These laws are enforced by issuing challans in the name of the offenders and teaching them a lesson by making them pay penalties. The list of 177 mv act fine amount and penalties is given below.

S.NoDescription of Offence Section of DWVR / CMVR/ MV actCompounding Fee
1st Offence
Compounding Fee
2nd Offence
1Red Light Jumping119/177 & 184 of M.V. Act990/-2070/-
2Disobey of Traffic Rules119/17790/-270/-
3Improper and Obstructive Parking122/17790/-270/-
4Travelling on Running Board123(2)/17790/-270/-
5Triple riding128/17790/-270/-
6Driving without helmet129/17790/-270/-
7Not displaying number plate50/17790/-270/-
8Misbehaviour by TSR/TAXI Driver11.3/177, 66/192 ANot Compoundable 
9Over charging by TSR/Taxi11.8/177, 66/192 ANot Compoundable 
10Refusal by TSR/Taxi11.9/177, 66/192 ANot Compoundable 
11Driving without light (After sun set)105/17790/-270/-
12Driving without horn.119(1)/17790/-270/-
13Driving without Silencer120/190(2)900/-1800/-
14Driving with a defective   
 number plate50/17790/-270/-
15Violation of Stop line113(1)/17790/-270/-
16Disobeying Lawful directions132/197Not comp-Not -Compoundable
17Allowing unauthorised person to drive5/180900/-900/-
18Driving by minors4/181450/-450/-
19Driving without licence3/181450/-450/-
20Over Speeding(1st Offence)112/183(1)360/-900/-
21Abetment for over speeding112/183(1)360/-900/-
22Driving dangerously184900/-1800/-
23Using unregistered vehicle or displaying "Applied for"39/1924500/-9000/-
24Violation of restriction of time on RTVs/care on various roads115/194900/-2700/-
25Blowing of Pressure Horm119(2)/177100/-300/-
26Conductor without uniform23(1)/17790/-270/-
27Driver without uniform7/17790/--270/-
28Conductor without badge22(1)/17790/-270/-
29Carrying Passengers on goods vehicles84(2)/177,39/192 & 66/192A9090/-18180/-
30Carrying goods inside the passengers vehicles84(3)/177,39/192 & 66/192A9090/-18180/-
31Use of coloured light on Motor Vehilce97(2)/17790/-270/-
32Smoking in the vehicle (passenger)86.1(5)/17790/-270/-
List of 177 MV Act fine list 2024

For details of major traffic offences visit Transport Department Government of NCT of Delhi official website https://transport.delhi.gov.in/content/major-traffic-offences

Offences and Punishment Fine under Motor Vehicles Act 1988

Download PDF List of offences and punishment / fine under the motor vehicles act 1988 & the central motor vehicles rules 1988 at a glance from below link with section / rule and maximum of punishment term of Imprisonment fine.


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