ITI Courses List – Industrial Training Institutes Trade List

ITI courses list pdf after 8th, 10th and 12th class, check out ITI trades list in Haryana with availability of seats for admission 2024-25 and download ITI trade list pdf for engineering and non engineering courses, Also check ITI merit list 2024 of all states

ITI Courses List: ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute which provides industrial training and skill development courses to students in the field of engineering and non-engineering. ITI courses after 10th or 12th can help you in getting a good job. ITI courses list includes various engineering and non-engineering courses of duration of 1 year or 2 years.

Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) are organizations or training centers that provide courses to students seeking easy employment just after completing 10th or 12th class. These vocational centers train students in performing certain tasks to enable them to get a job by the end of the course duration. Therefore choosing the best ITI job oriented trade is also crucial for getting a job after completion of course. Students can choose technical or non-technical course according to their preferences, education qualification and past academic records.

ITI Courses List 2024

After the completion of ITI course, students can get job in various Public Sector Undertakings, PSUs like Railways, Telecom, KRCL, IOCL, BHEL, ONCG, NTPC, NALCO, IOCL, State PWDs etc. ITI courses after 10th are more suitable for students who want to pursue short term courses in order to get a good jobs. ITI holder can get a job easily in electrical, mechanical, and other manufacturing sectors depending upon his/her ITI trade. ITI courses are available in different fields including both engineering and non engineering type of courses. Here we have classified the ITI courses on the bases of minimum qualification required to pursue a particular course.

ITI Trade List with Duration of ITI Course

ITI Courses List after 8th Class

These type of courses are for students who want quick job after completion of course and looking for employment at early age of the life. Check below list of some ITI course that you can pursue after completion of your 8th class.

S.NoName of CourseStreamDuration
1CarpenterEngineering2 Semesters
2PlumberEngineering2 Semesters
3Sheet Metal WorkerEngineering2 Semesters
4Welder (Gas and Electric Welding)Engineering2 Semesters
5Welder (Fabrication & Fitting)Engineering2 Semesters
6Painter GeneralNon-Engineering4 Semester
7WiremanEngineering4 Semester
8Leather Goods MakerNon-Engineering2 Semesters
9Footwear MakerNon-Engineering2 Semesters
10Pattern MakerEngineering2 Semesters
11Book BinderNon-Engineering2 Semesters
12Embroidery and Needle WorkerNon-Engineering2 Semesters
13Cutting and SewingNon-Engineering2 Semesters
14Weaving of Fancy FabricNon-Engineering2 Semesters
ITI Courses List after 8th Class

ITI Courses List after 10th Class

There are various ITI courses and trade available which you can pursue after competition of your 10th class. ITI courses list with their duration of course is giving below in the table.

Name of the CourseStreamDuration
Tool & Die Maker EngineeringEngineering3 years
Draughtsman (Mechanical)Engineering2 years
Diesel Mechanic EngineeringEngineering1 years
Draughtsman (Civil) EngineeringEngineering2 Years
Pump OperatorEngineering1 years
Fitter EngineeringEngineering2 years
Motor Driving-cum-Mechanic EngineeringEngineering1 year
Turner Engineering Engineering 2 years
Dress Making Non-engineering 1 year
Manufacture Foot Wear Non-engineering 1 year
Information Technology & E.S.M. Engineering Engineering 2 years
Secretarial Practice Non-engineering 1 year
Machinist Engineering Engineering 1 year
Hair & Skin Care Non-engineering 1 year
Refrigeration Engineering Engineering 2 years
Fruit & Vegetable Processing Non-engineering 1 year
Mech. Instrument Engineering Engineering 2 years
Bleaching & Dyeing Calico Print Non-engineering 1 year
Electrician Engineering Engineering 2 years
Letter Press Machine Mender Non-engineering 1 year
Commercial Art Non-engineering 1 year
Leather Goods Maker Non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Motor Vehicle Engineering Engineering 2 years
Hand Compositor Non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Radio & T.V. Engineering Engineering 2 years
Mechanic Electronics Engineering Engineering 2 years
Surveyor Engineering Engineering 2 years
Foundry Man Engineering Engineering 1 year
Sheet Metal Worker Engineering Engineering 1 year
ITI Courses List after 10th Class

ITI Courses List after 12th Class

You can also pursue ITI course after completion of your 12th class, there are various course available for duration of 1 year or 2 year both in engineering and non engineering fields. ITI courses list after completion of 12th class is given below.

ITI Courses List for Engineering Courses

  1. Instrument Mechanic – 1 year.
  2. Architectural Assistant – 1 year
  3. Marine Fitter – 1 year
  4. Multimedia Animation and Special Effects – 1 year
  5. Radiology Technician – 2 years.
  6. Computer Hardware and Networking – 2 years
  7. Mechanic Lens and Prism Grinding – 2 years
  8. Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician – 2 years
  9. Architectural Draftsmanship – 2 years
  10. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant – 2 years
  11. Physiotherapy Technician – 2 years
  12. Mechanic Agricultural Machinery – 2 years

ITI Courses List for Non Engineering Courses

  1. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant – 1 year
  2. Stenography English – 1 year
  3. Stenography Hindi – 1 year
  4. Insurance Agent – 1 year
  5. Library and Information Science – 1 year
  6. Catering and Hospitality Assistant – 1 year
  7. Creche Management – 1 year
  8. Interior Decoration and Designing – 1 year
  9. Desktop Publishing Operator – 1 year
  10. Plastic Processing Operator – 1 year
  11. Mason – 1 year
  12. Health and Sanitary Inspector – 1 year
  13. Travel and Tour Assistant – 1 year
  14. Human Resource Executive – 1 year
  15. Basic Cosmetology – 1 year
  16. Call Centre Assistant – 1 year
  17. Old Age Care Assistant – 1 year
  18. Health Safety and Environment – 1 year
  19. Marketing Executive – 1 year
  20. Craftsman Food Corporation – 2 years
  21. Goldsmith – 2 years
  22. Surveyor – 2 year

ITI Courses List in Haryana

List of ITI courses with duration of course and availability of seats in particular ITI course in Haryana state for year 2024 is given below.

S.NoName of the TradeDuration of CourseSeats available for admission
1Architectural Assistant2 Semesters26
2Carpenter2 Semesters26
3Foundryman Technician (Old Name Foundry man)2 Semesters21
4Interior Decoration and Designing2 Semesters26
5Mechanic Diesel Engine (Old Name Mechanic (Diesel)2 Semesters21
6Mechanic (Tractor)2 Semesters21
7Physiotherapy Technician2 Semesters21
8Plastic Processing Operator2 Semesters21
9Plumber2 Semesters26
10Sheet Metal Worker2 Semesters21
11Surveyor2 Semesters26
12Welder Old Name Welder (Gas and Electric)2 Semesters21
13Welder (GMAW & GTAW)2 Semesters21
14Welder (Fabrication & Fitting)2 Semesters21
15Welder (Pipe)2 Semesters21
16Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics2 Semesters21
17Mechanic Auto Body Repair2 Semesters21
18Mechanic Auto Body Painting2 Semesters21
19Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance2 Semesters26
20Mechanic Medical Electronics2 Semesters26
21Draughtsman (Civil)4 Semesters26
22Draughtsman (Mechanical)4 Semesters21
23Electrician4 Semesters21
24Electronics Mechanic4 Semesters26
25Electroplater4 Semesters21
26Fitter4 Semesters21
27Information Communication Technology System Maintenance (Old Name – IT & ESM)4 Semesters26
28Instrument Mechanic4 Semesters26
29Lift and Escalator Mechanic (Old Name - Lift Mechanic)4 Semesters21
30Machinist4 Semesters16
31Machinist (Grinder)4 Semesters16
32Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4 Semesters21
33Mechanic (Refrigeration & Air-conditioning)4 Semesters26
34Mechanic Agricultural Machinery4 Semesters21
35Mechanic Machine Tools Maintenance4 Semesters21
36Painter General4 Semesters21
37Radiology Technician (Old Name - Radio Diagnosis & Radiotherapy)4 Semesters21
38Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)4 Semesters21
39Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)4 Semesters21
40Turner4 Semesters16
41Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)4 Semesters21
42Wireman4 Semesters21
43Technician Power Electronic System4 Semesters 26
44Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances4 Semesters26
45Computer Operator and Programming Assistant2 Semesters26
46Craftsman Food Production (General)
(Old Name Craftsman Food Production)
2 Semesters26
47Sewing Technology Old Name - Sewing Technology2 Semesters21
48Computer Aided Embroidery and Designing (Old Name Computer Aided Embroidery & Needle work)2 Semesters21
49Desktop Publishing Operator2 Semesters26
50Dress Making2 Semesters21
51Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery) (Old Name Surface Ornamentation Techniques)2 Semesters21
52Fashion Design Technology (Old Name Fashion Technology)2 Semesters21
53Basic Cosmetology (Old Name Hair and Skin care)2 Semesters26
54Health Sanitary Inspector2 Semesters26
55Leather Goods Maker2 Semesters21
56Footwear Maker2 Semesters21
57Stenography & Secretarial Assistant (English)2 Semesters26
58Stenography & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi)2 Semesters26
59Food & Beverages Guest Services Assistant Old Name Steward2 Semesters26
60Catering & Hospitality Assistant2 Semesters21
61Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management2 Semesters26
62Data Base System Assistant2 Semesters26
63Forger & Heat Treater (SCVT only)2 Semesters0
64Book Binder (SCVT only)2 Semesters0
65Pattern Maker (SCVT only)2 Semesters0
66Watch & Clock Repair (SCVT only)2 Semesters0
67Agro Processing2 Semesters20
68Multimedia Animation Special Effect2 Semesters20
69Spa Therapy2 Semesters20
70Pre/Preparatory School Management Assistant2 Semesters20
72Dental Laboratory Technician4 Semesters26
73Retailing (SCVT only)4 Semesters0
ITI Courses List in Haryana

Government ITI Courses List PDF

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