After 10th Courses List for Girl Students 2022 Considering all Factors

After 10th Courses list for girl in the field of Designing, Fashion, Management Journalism, Medical and Engineering , Also check tips for choosing best suitable course for girl considering all factors which may effect career selection option of a girl student

After 10th Courses List for Girl: Selecting a course after 10th is an important stage in a girl student life because she has to keep in mind various factors like availability of institution or university nearby as parents may not allow hostel for girls, Parents Desire, Affordability of fee of desired course, job profile and salary of that particular course, career opportunity in that particular course as she has to work from her In Law's house after marriage, so she has to consider all these factors while choosing a course after 10th. We have listed after 10th Courses List for Girl considering all factors in favor.

There are wide variety of course available after 10th for girls in the field of Engineering, Medical, Management, Fashion Designing, Journalism, ITI etc. A lot of trades are available within these fields. While Choosing a course from After 10th Courses List for Girl keep in mind your strength, weakness, subject of interest and knowledge.

After 10th Courses List for Girl

This List of Courses will definitely help you in selecting course you are interested in. Complete list of courses after 10th class for girls is given below. After 10th Courses List for Girl is given below.

  • Diploma In Home Science
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Yoga
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Media
  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Garment Technology
  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Diploma in Architecture Engineering
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Diploma in Fine Arts
  • Diploma in Stenography
  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Beauty and Hair Dressing
  • Diploma in Languages
  • Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  • ITI course
    1. Dress Making
    2. Fashion Designing
    3. Electronic Mechanic
    4. Computer Operator and programming
    5. Sewing Technology
    6. Insurance Agent
    7. Radiology Technician
    8. Digital Photographer
    9. Catering and Hospitality
    10. Hair and Skin Care
  • Computer Courses
    • Diploma in Call Center Management
    • Diploma in Computerized in Fashion Design
    • Diploma in web & Information Technology
    • Diploma in Audio Video Editing & Composing
    • Diploma in Multimedia & Animation
    • Diploma in Financial Accounting

Top 10 after 10th Courses List for Girl

After 10th Courses list for girl considering all factors desirable for girl students is listed below. While choosing best course for yourself consider all external factors like placement,career opportunities, Job profile, social status and salary after getting job in particular course. Also consider factors like your subject of interest, your past performance in academic, potential, personality and character you wants to holed in society, last but not least also consider affordability as some courses are so much expensive to pursue as their fee is so high.

  1. Diploma In Computer Science / Diploma in IT
  2. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  3. Diploma in Fashion Designing
  4. Diploma in Cosmetology
  5. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
  6. Diploma in Architecture Engineering
  7. Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  8. Diploma in Yoga
  9. Diploma in Hotel Management
  10. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Media

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Tips to Choose Right Career Option for Girl Student after 10th Class

Career planning is not only choosing a right course or college or university but also putting efforts to get right job and satisfying work profile. After completion of 10th or 12th class, one tends to select a course for further studies based on her previous performance, If a girl score 90 plus percentage marks in science she wants to become an doctor or engineer and likewise they go for other trades and subject, which turn out to be wrong decision.

There is no clarity on her's self- interest, which is first wrong step that leads to section of wrong course or career option. So first try to find your self interest and clear career choice to achieve your goals and to get satisfying job profile after completion of course. Some factors you should consider while choosing After 10th Courses List for Girl.

  1. Parental Pressure :- Most of students choose career option as per their parents desire without considering their personal area of interest which wrong. Try to convenience your parents telling your area of interest.
  2. Past Performance :- Its good to consider past performance but don't depend on it as may divert you from your area of interest, as some times we score good in subjects we are not interested in.
  3. Potential :- A career section based on one's potential has better prospect of getting success.
  4. Personality :- Personality traits helps in deciding career option as it is easy to hone one's skills we already developed.
  5. Placement :- Everyone wants a career option with good placement and salary and job profile, so it is best point to be considered while choosing a career option.
  6. Affordability and Availability :- These both factors have to be considered while selecting a course. Affordability means can your parents afford institutional fees and other expenses of course. Second is Availability which means is that course available in your locality.

How to Choose Best Suitable Course from after 10th Courses List for Girl

  • First of all find your area of interest, Select Field according to your interest.
  • In Next step make a list of courses that are available in that field you have chosen.
  • Then analyse and compare chosen courses on the bases of your interest, so you can perform better in academic.
  • Now you will left with only two or three option, now compare then on the bases of opportunity, Future, Career prospects, job Profile after completion of course. you may also go through course fee and duration of Course etc .
  • You may ask question and clear your doubts from individual who are in same field you decided to go in.
  • You may ask your doubts in comments, we will try to asset you in clearing your doubt related to career options.
  • Last but not least, don't doubt your capability, and never compromise with your dream.

After 10th & 12th Educational Training Courses List PDF

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