Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2021

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Delhi Traffic Police challans are issued by the traffic police in Delhi for any traffic violations under the Motor Vehicles Act. It is important to adhere by all the the rules and regulations issued by India Government. If these rules are violated, you would have to pay the penalties, which are done through traffic challans that are issued by the traffic police. Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2021 is given.

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2021

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates list is given below.

DescriptionSection of DMVR/CMVR/M.V. ActCompounding Amount
Red Light Jumping 119/177 MVARs. 100/-
Driving Left Hand Drive without Indicator120/177 MVARs. 100/-
Improper & Obstructive Parking 122/177 MVARs. 100/-
Travelling on Running Board (Drive)123(1)/177 MVARs. 100/-
Travelling on Running Board (Passenger)123(2)/177 MVARs. 100/-
Triple Riding128/177 MVARs. 100/-
Driving without Helmet129/177 MVARs. 100/-
Not Displaying Number Plate50/177 MVARs. 100/-
Misbehaviour by TSR/Taxi Driver11.3/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Over Charging by TSR/Taxi11.8/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Refusal by TSR/Taxi Driver11.9/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Driving without Light (After sunset)105/177 CMVRRs. 100/-
Driving without Horn119(1)/177 CMVRRs. 100/-
Driving without Silencer120/190(2) CMVRRs. 100/-
Driving with a Defective Number Plate50/177 CMVRRs. 100/-
Violation of stop Line 113(1)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Section 177 IInd or subsequent OffenceRs. 300/-
Disobeying Lawful Directions132/179 MVARs. 500/-
Allowing unauthorised person to drive5/180 MVARs. 1000/-
Driving without Licence3/181 MVARs. 500/-
Driving by Minors4/181 MVARs. 500/-
Over Speeding (1st Offence)112/183(1) MVA Rs. 400/-
Over Speeding (Subsequent Offence)112/183(1) MVARs. 1000/-
Abetment of Over Speeding 112/183(2) MVARs. 300/-
Section 183(2) (IInd or Subsequent Offence)112/183(2) MVARs. 500/-
Driving Dangerously (1st Offence)184 MVARs. 1000/-
Driving Dangerously (2nd Offence)184 (2) MVARs. 2000/-
Using ‘Unregistered Vehicles’ or Displaying “Applied For”39/192 MVARs. 2000/-
Section 192(1)
(2nd or subsequent offence)
Rs. 2000/-
Rs. 3000/-
Violation of Yellow Line18(II)R.R.R./119/117 MVARs. 100/-
Violation of Restriction of Time on HTV’s/Care on various Road115/194 MVARs. 2000/-
Section 194(1) (2nd or subsequent Offence)Rs. 5000/-
Violation of mandatory signs (One Way No Right Turn, No Left Turn, No Horn)119/177 MVARs. 100/-
Excess Smoke99(1)(a)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Blowing of Pressure Horn96(1)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Conductor without Uniform23(1)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Driver without Uniform7/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Conductor without Badge22(1)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Carrying Passengers on Goods Vehicles84(2)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Carrying Goods on Passengers Vehicle84(3)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Use of Coloured Light on Motors Vehicle97(2)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Smoking in the Vehicles86.1(5)/177 DMVRRs. 100/-
Wrong Overtaking6(1)RRR/177 MVARs. 100/-
Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List

General Traffic Violation, we can avoid & save compounding amounts as specified in below link

Delhi Traffic Police Helpline Helpline Number

Traffic Helpline Number : 25844444 / 1095

Women’s Helpline Number : 1091

North East’s Helpline Number : 1093

Senior Citizen’s Helpline : 1291

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