ABDC Journal List with Quality Ranking

Download PDF of ABDC Journal list with publisher name from 2019 to 2024, also check ISSN codes and rating of all journals published by the Australian Business Deans Council, Download Pdf of 2680 ABDC journals 2023 list with quality rating

ABDC Journal List:- The Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) has released a complete list of journals from 2019 to 2024. Australian Business Deans Council has given raking to journals based on the quality of research work. The journals published in final report of 2023 journals quality list are in the field of accounting, finance, management, marketing, tourism, logistics, statistics, business and taxation law, information system and economics etc.

The Australian Business Deans Council ABDC aims at helping researchers, students, academics, and anyone who wants to hone their skills, to maximize the reach and impact of their knowledge and work by providing them e-book and paperback.

ABDC Journal List from 2019 to 2024 | ABDC journal Quality List with Rating and ISSN Code

The ABDC distinguish Journals based upon their quality informed by relevant metrics and impact factors. The expert panel of the Australian business deans provide rating by formulating the journals by quantitative and qualitative measures of journal quality. Over the there has been an increase in the number of Journals ranked A and A*. There are total 2680 journals till march 2023. Classification based on raking and quality of journals is given below.

  • A* 7.4% (199)
  • A 24.4% (653)
  • B 31.9% (855)
  • C 36.3% (973)

The Australian Business Deans ABDC journal list with rating is given below in the table.

S.NOTitle of journal Publisher of journal Rating Field Of ResearchISSN Code
14OR Springer NatureB15031619-4500
2AACE International TransactionsAACE InternationalB15031528-7106
3Abacus Academia Economic PapersWiley-Blackwell PublishingC15010001-3072
4Abacus Academia Economic PapersAmerican Economic AssociationC14021018-161X
5Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies JournalAcademy of Accounting and Financial StudiesA*15011096-3685
6Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies JournalAcademy of ManagementA15031941-6520
7Academy of Management AnnalsAcademy of ManagementA*15032168-1007
8Academy of Management DiscoveriesAcademy of ManagementA*15030001-4273
9Academy of Management JournalAcademy of ManagementA15031537-260X
10Academy of Management Learning and EducationAcademy of ManagementB15031558-9080
11Academy of Management PerspectivesAcademy of ManagementA*15030363-7425
12Academy of Management ReviewAcademy of ManagementB15051095-6298
13Academy of Marketing Studies JournalAllied Business AcademiesC15070001-4575
14Accident Analysis and PreventionElsevierA15011745-7718
15Accountancy Business and the Public InterestAssociation for Accountancy & Business AffairsA15011445-954X
16Accounting Accountability and PerformanceGriffith UniversityC15010001-4788
17Accounting and Business ResearchTaylor & Francis OnlineB15010810-5391
18Accounting and Finance Accounting and TaxationJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.A*15011944-592X
19Accounting and the Public InterestInstitute for Business and Finance ResearchA15011530-9320
20Accounting Auditing and Accountability JournalAmerican Accounting AssociationB15010951-3574
21Accounting EducationEmerald Group Publishing LimitedB15010963-9284
22Accounting Educators JournalTaylor & Francis OnlineB15011041-0392
23Accounting ForumAcademy of Accounting Educators Inc.A15010155-9982
24Accounting Historians JournalTaylor & Francis OnlineB15010148-4184
25Accounting HistoryAmerican Accounting AssociationA15011032-3732
ABDC journal List | ABDC journal Quality List

To view Complete List of 2680, ABDC Journal List Download PDF of ABDC journal list from below link Download PDF ABDC Journal List

ABDC Journal Fields of Research List

The Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) publish journals in different field listed below with their code.

  • 1501 Accounting
  • 1502 Finance
  • 1503 Management
  • 1504 Marketing, Tourism and Logistics
  • 0104 Statistics
  • 1505 Marketing, Tourism and Logistics
  • 1506 Marketing, Tourism and Logistics
  • 1507 Marketing, Tourism and Logistics
  • 180105 Business and Taxation Law
  • 180125 Business and Taxation Law
  • 1599 Other Commerce, management, Tourism, and Services
  • 0806 Information Systems
  • 1401 Economics
  • 1402 Economics
  • 1403 Economics
  • 1499 Economics

ABDC Journal Rating List

The Australian Business Deans has classified the journals by giving them rating as per quality of a journal or research work which can help researchers and other relevant persons and organizations to judge and plan their further research work. Rating A and A* is given to best quality journals by expert panel of ABDC. Check below the list of rating given to ABDC journal list.

  • A Rating
  • A* Rating
  • B Rating
  • C Rating
  • UNE Rating
  • UNE* Rating

ABDC Helpline Number

UNSW Business School, Deans Unit, Level 6, West Lobby, College Road, Kensington, NSW, Australia 2052
Telephone number : +61 (0)2 6162 2970 Email ID: [email protected]

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