Asian Games 2023 Sports List

Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee has announced Asian Games 2023 sports list which includes 40 sports in 61 disciplines. Check below Asian games schedule and venue with medal tally and other details

Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee has released Asian Games 2023 sports list, disciplines, schedule and venues. In Asian games 2023 total 40 sports & 61 disciplines (14 competitive sports, 18 ball sports, 9 adversary sports and 10 water sports) will be held in Hangzhou China at 56 venues. Asian games officially will start from 23 September, but sports like cricket, football, volley ball and beach volleyball will start from 19 October 2023.

The 19th edition of Asian games has been scheduled from 24 September to 8 October 2023. The Indian is participating in Asian games in 41 disciplines with 655 players including 68 athletes in track and filed. Check below Asian Games 2023 sports list with scheduled dates of disciplines.

Asian Games 2023 Sports List - 19th Asian Games

Check below Asian games 2023 sports list with full schedule and event list.

S.NoGame Date
1Archery1 to 7 October
2Artistic Gymnastics24–29 September
3Artistic Swimming6–8 October
4Athletics29 September–5 October
5Badminton28 September–7 October
6Baseball26 September–7 October
7Basketball26 September–6 October
8Basketball 3×325 September–1 October
9Beach Volleyball19–28 September
10Boxing24 September–5 October
11Breakdancing6–7 October
12Bridge27 September–6 October
13Canoe/Kayak (Slalom)5–7 October
14Canoe/Kayak (Sprint)30 September–3 October
15Chess7 October
16Cricket Women19–25 September
17Cricket Men27 September–7 October
18Cycling (BMX Racing)1 October
19Cycling (Mountain Bike)25 September
20Cycling (Road)3–5 October
21Cycling (Track)26–29 September
22Diving30 September–4 October
23Dragon Boat4–6 October
24Equestrian26 September–6 October
25Esports24 September–2 October
26Fencing24–29 September
27Football19 September–7 October
28Go24 September–3 October
29Golf28 September–1 October
30Handball24 September–5 October
31Hockey24 September–7 October
32Ju-jitsu5–7 October
33Judo24–27 September
34Kabaddi2–7 October
35Karate5–8 October
36Kurash30 September–2 October
37Marathon Swimming6–7 October
38Modern Pentathlon20–24 September
39Rhythmic Gymnastics6–7 October
40Roller Skating30 September–7 October
41Rowing20–25 September
42Rugby Sevens24–26 September
43Sailing21–27 September
44Sepak Takraw24 September–7 October
45Shooting24 September–1 October
46Skateboarding24–27 September
47Soft Tennis3–7 October
48Softball26 September–2 October
49Sport Climbing3–7 October
50Squash26 September–5 October
51Swimming24–29 September
52Table Tennis22 September–2 October
53Taekwondo24–28 September
54Tennis24–30 September
55Trampoline Gymnastics2–3 October
56Triathlon29 September–2 October
57Volleyball Men19–26 September
58Volleyball Women30 September–7 October
59Water Polo25 September–7 October
60Weightlifting30 September–7 October
61Wrestling4–7 October
62Wushu24–28 September
63Xiangqi28 September–7 October
Asian Games 2023 Sports List

Asian Games 2023 Sports List PDF

  • Competitive Sports (24)
    1. Esports
    2. Archery
    3. Athletics
    4. Modern Pentathion
    5. Cycling MTB
    6. Trampoline Gymnastics
    7. Xiangqi
    8. Go
    9. Roller Skating
    10. Triathlon
    11. Cycling Road
    12. Cycling BMX Racing
    13. Rhythmic Gymnastics
    14. Chess
    15. Shooting
    16. Wushu
    17. Breaking
    18. Equestrain
    19. Cycling Track
    20. Weightlifting
    21. Artistic Gymnastics
    22. Bridge
    23. Skateboarding
    24. Sport Climbing
  • Ball Sports (18)
    1. Football
    2. Volleyball
    3. Badminton
    4. Hockey
    5. Soft Tennis
    6. Cricket
    7. Basket Ball
    8. Beach Volleyball
    9. Table Tennis
    10. Golf
    11. Squash
    12. Baseball
    13. 3x3 Basketball
    14. Handball
    15. Softball
    16. Tennis
    17. Sepaktakraw
    18. Rugby Sevens
  • Adversary Sports (09)
    1. Boxing
    2. Judo
    3. Fencing
    4. Taekwondo
    5. Ju-Jitsu
    6. Kabaddi
    7. Wrestling
    8. Kurash
    9. Karate
  • Water Sports (10)
    1. Water Polo
    2. Rowing
    3. Artistic Swimming
    4. Swimming
    5. Dragon Boat
    6. Sailing
    7. Canoe Sprint
    8. Canoe Salom
    9. Diving
    10. Marathon Swimming

Download Asian Games sports list pdf from the link given below.

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