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Check out chronological List of British Monarchs from 1707 to 2024, England King Queen List with all details of their reign, marriage, duration of reign, Charles Philip Arthur George or Charles III will be the next King of England or United Kingdom

British Monarchs: Queen Anne Stuart was the first queen of Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland Union from 1 May 1707 to 1 August 1714, her reign last for 7 years 93 days. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary known as Elizabeth II was the Queen of England for the longest period from 6 February 1952 to September 2022. Her reign last 70 years, 215 days which is longest of any British Monarchs. She Died on 8 September 2022 at age of 96 years at Balmoral Castle, Aberdeen shire, United Kingdom.

After her death Charles Philip Arthur George known as Charles III will be the new King/ British Monarchs of United Kingdom. He acceded the throne after the death of his mother Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022. Now he is the King of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. Check list of British Monarchs below in chronological order.

List of British Monarchs Since 1707

The chronological List of British Monarchs from 1707 to 2024 is given below.

England King or Queen NamePortrait
of King or Queen
Time Period of ReignDuration of reignMarriageDeath
AnneAnne StuartAnne Stuart1 May 1707 to 1 August 17147 years, 93 daysGeorge of Denmark1 August 1714
Kensington Palace
George IGeorge LouisGeorge Louis1 August 1714 to 11 June 172712 years, 315 daysSophia Dorothea of Brunswick-Luneburg-Celle11 June 1727
George IIGeorge AugustusGeorge Augustus11 June 1727 to
25 October 1760
33 years, 126 daysCaroline of Brandenburg25 October 1760 N.S.
Kensington Palace
George IIIGeorge William FrederickGeorge William Frederick25 October 1760
to 29 January 1820
59 years, 97 daysCharlotte of Mecklenburg29 January 1820
Windsor Castle
George IVGeorge Augustus FrederickGeorge Augustus Frederick29 January 1820
to 26 June 1830
10 years, 149 daysCaroline of Brunswick26 June 1830
Windsor Castle
William IVWilliam HenryWilliam Henry26 June 1830
to 20 June 1837
6 years, 360 daysAdelaide of Saxe20 June 1837
Windsor Castle
VictoriaAlexandrina VictoriaAlexandrina Victoria20 June 1837 to 22 January 190163 years, 217 daysAlbert of Saxe22 January 1901
Osborne House
Edward VIIAlbert EdwardAlbert Edward22 January 1901 to 6 May 19109 years, 105 daysAlexandra of Denmark6 May 1910
Buckingham Palace
George VGeorge Frederick Ernest AlbertGeorge Frederick Ernest Albert6 May 1910
to 20 January 1936
25 years, 260 daysMary of Teck20 January 1936
Sandringham House
Edward VIIIEdward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick DavidEdward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David20 January 1936
to 11 December 1936
327 daysWallis Simpson
Château de Candé
28 May 1972
George VIAlbert Frederick Arthur GeorgeAlbert Frederick Arthur George11 December 1936 to 6 February 195215 years, 58 daysElizabeth Bowes6 February 1952
Sandringham House
Elizabeth IIElizabeth Alexandra MaryElizabeth Alexandra Mary6 February 1952 to September 202270 years, 215 daysPhilip Mountbatten
Westminster Abbey
8 September 2022Balmoral Castle
Charles IIICharles Philip Arthur GeorgeCharles Philip Arthur George8 September 2022 to Present-Diana SpencerLiving
List of British Monarchs | King and Queen of Great Britain

England King Queen List

  1. Anne Stuart - Anne
  2. George Louis -George I
  3. George Augustus - George II
  4. George William Frederick - George III
  5. George Augustus Frederick - George IV
  6. William Henry - William IV
  7. Alexandrina Victoria - Victoria
  8. Albert Edward - Edward VII
  9. George Frederick Ernest Albert - George V
  10. Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David - Edward VIII
  11. Albert Frederick Arthur George - George VI
  12. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary - Elizabeth II
  13. Charles Philip Arthur George - Charles III

Who will be next Queen/King of England

Charles Philip Arthur George or Charles III will be the next King of England or United States. Charles III acceded to the British throne on 8 September 2022, he is the oldest person to assume the throne among all British Monarchs. He was born on 14 November 1948 at Buckingham Palace, he is the first child of Duke of Edinburgh and Elizabeth II.

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