List of Defence Minister of India 1947 to 2024

Rajnath Singh is the current Defence Minister of India from 30 May 2019, Check out full list of Defence Minister of India 1947 to 2024

Defence Minister of India: The Defence Minister is one of the most senior offices in the Union Council of Ministers as well as being a high level minister in the union cabinet. The defence minister additionally serves as President of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, and as Chancellor of the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology and the National Defence University.

The Ministry of Defence provides the policy framework and wherewithal to the Armed Forces to discharge their responsibilities in the context of the defence of the country. The Ministry of Defence is headed by Defence Minister (Raksha Mantri) and other departments of defence which includes

  • Department of Defence (DOD),
  • Department of Defence Production (DDP)
  • Department of Defence Research & Development (DDR&D)
  • Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
  • Finance Division

Defence Minister of India List

The Minister of Defence is the head of the Ministry of Defence and high raking minister of the Government of India. Defence Minister of India List 1947 to 2024 is given below.

S.NoName of Defense MinisterFrom DateTo Date
1Baldev Singh15 August 194713 May 1952
2N.Gopalaswami Ayyangar13 May 195210 February 1953
3Jawaharlal Nehru10 February 195310 January 1955
4Kailash Nath Katju10 January 195530 January 1957
5Jawaharlal Nehru30 January 195717 April 1957
6V.K Krishna Menon17 April 195731 October 1962
7Jawaharlal Nehru31 October 196214 November 1962
8Yashwantrao Chavan14 November 196213 November 1966
9Swaran Singh13 November 196627 June 1970
10 Jagjivan Ram27 June 197010 October 1974
11Swaran Singh10 October 19741 December 1975
12Indira Gandhi1 December 197520 December 1975
13Bansi Lal21 December 197524 March 1977
14Jagjivan Ram24 March 197728 July 1979
15Chidambaram Subramaniam28 July 197914 January 1980
16Indira Gandhi14 January 198015 January 1982
17Ramaswamy Venkataraman15 January 19822 August 1984
18Shankarrao Chavan2 August 198431 December 1984
19P.V Narasimha Rao1 January 198525 September 1985
20Rajiv Gandhi25 September 198524 January 1987
21Vishwanath Pratap Singh24 January 198712 April 1987
22K.C Pant13 April 19871 December 1989
23Vishwanath Pratap Singh2 December 198910 November 1990
24Chandra Shekhar 10 November 199021 June 1991
25P.V Narasimha Rao21 June 199126 June 1991
26Sharad Pawar26 June 19916 March 1993
27P.V Narasimha Rao6 March 199316 May 1996
28Pramod Mahajan16 May 19961 June 1996
29Mulayam Singh Yadav1 June 199619 March 1998
30George Fernades19 March 199816 March 2001
31Jaswant Singh16 March 200121 October 2001
32George Fernades21 October 200122 May 2004
33Pranab Mukherjee22 May 200426 October 2006
34A.K Antony26 October 200626 May 2014
35Arun Jaitley 26 May 20149 November 2014
36Manohar Parrikar9 November 201413 March 2017
37Arun Jaitley 13 March 20173 September 2017
38Nirmala Sitharaman3 September 201730 May 2019
39Rajnath Singh 30 May 2019Present
List of Defence Minister of India

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Who is the 1st Woman Defence Minister of India?

Indra Gandhi held the Defense Minister post for 20 days from 1 December 1975 to 20 December 1975.

Who is the first full time female Defence Minister of India?

Nirmala Sitharaman is the first full-time female defence minister of the India from 3 September 2017 to 30 May 2019.

Who is the first defence minister of Independent India?

Baldev Singh Chokkar is the irst defence minister of Independent India. He held the position of defence minister on 15 August 1947.

Who is the current Defence Minister of India?

Rajnath Singh is the current Defence Minister of India from 30 May 2019

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