Group 3 Jobs List in Telangana | TSPSC Group 3 Jobs Eligibility Criteria and Salary Details 2023

Telangana State Public Service Commission notification of 1365 Group 3 vacancy, Check below Group 3 jobs list in Telangana with details of department, qualification required, salary and job profile

Group 3 jobs List: Telangana State Public Service Commission has released a notification for Group 3 services recruitment of 1365 post in various government department. The Eligible candidates can fill online application for Group 3 jobs from 24 January 2023. The last date of filling application for recruitment of Group 3 jobs in Telangana state is 23 February 2023.

There are total 1365 job vacancy in various departments of Telangana government. Group 3 jobs List in Telangana includes Senior Accounts, Auditor, Senior Auditor Assistant Auditor, Junior Assistant, Junior Accountant and Junior Assistant cum Typist in various government departments. There are 712 vacancies in finance department, 89 in higher education department, 73 in revenue department and 69 in home department of Telangana state. Group 3 jobs list in Telangana under recruitment of TSPSC is given below.

Group 3 jobs List in Telangana Overview

Name of Commission Telangana State Public Service Commission
CategoryGroup 3
Number of Vacancy1365
Application Start Date24 January 2023
Application End Date23 February 2023
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Group 3 jobs List1. Senior Accountant - 437
2. Junior Accountant - 61
3. Auditor - 126
4. Senior Auditor - 61
5. Assistant Auditor -23
6. Junior Assistant - 657
7. Junior Assistant cum Typist - 04
Group 1 jobs List in Telangana503 Posts
Group 2 jobs List in Telangana783 Posts
Group 4 jobs List in Telangana9,168 Posts
Group 3 jobs List in Telangana Overview

Group 3 jobs List in Telangana 2023

There are total 1375 Group 3 posts including Junior Assistant - 657posts, Senior Accountant - 437 posts, Junior Accountant - 61 posts, Auditor - 126 posts, Senior Auditor - 61 posts, Assistant Auditor -23 posts , and Junior Assistant cum Typist - 04 posts. Group 3 jobs List in Telangana 2023 with all details of vacancy and departments is given below.

S.NOGroup 3 Job NameDepartment NameVacancy
1Senior AccountantGovt. Life Insurance HOD, (Finance Dept)14
2Senior AccountantGovt. Life Insurance HOD, (Finance Dept)34
3AuditorPay and Accounts Officer HOD, (Finance Dept)126
4Senior AccountantTreasuries and Accounts HOD, (Finance Dept)140
5Senior AccountantTreasuries and Accounts HOD,
(Finance Dept)
6Senior AuditorState Audit HOD, (Finance Dept)61
7Assistant AuditorPay and Accounts Officer HOD,
(Finance Dept)
8Junior AssistantAgriculture HOD,
(Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)
9Junior AssistantDirector of Marketing HOD, (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)01
10Junior AssistantHorticulture HOD, (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)01
11Junior AssistantTelangana State Seed and Organic Certification Authority, (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)11
12Junior AssistantWare House Corporation (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)11
13Junior AssistantFisheries HOD, (Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries Dept.)02
14Junior AssistantBackward Classes Welfare HOD, (Backward Classes Welfare Dept.)01
15Junior AssistantMahatma Jyothiba Phule Telangana Backward Classes Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, (Backward Classes Welfare Dept)26
16Junior AssistantChief Electrical Inspector to Government HOD, (Energy Dept.)02
17Junior AssistantPrincipal Chief Conservator of Forest HOD, (Environment, Forest, S & T Dept.)02
18Junior AssistantTelangana State Pollution Control Board (Environment, Forest, S & T Dept.)05
19Junior AssistantDirector of Works Accounts HOD, (Finance Dept.)05
20Junior AssistantCivil Supplies HOD, (Food & Civil Supplies Dept.)15
21Junior AssistantLegal Metrology,
(Food & Civil Supplies Dept.)
22Junior AssistantAnti-Corruption Bureau HOD, (General Administration Dept.)01
23Junior AssistantInformation & Public Relations HOD, (General Administration Dept.)07
24Junior AssistantMCR HRD Institute HOD, (General Administration Dept.)07
25Junior AssistantPublic Service Commission HOD, (General Administration Dept.)30
26Junior AssistantSpecial Commissioner Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi HOD, (General Administration Dept.)01
27Junior AssistantDepartment of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy (Ayush) HOD, (Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept.)03
28Junior AssistantDirector of Public Health and Family Welfare HOD, (Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept.)04
29Junior AssistantDrugs Control Admn HOD, (Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept.)04
30Junior AssistantInstitute of Preventive Medicine HOD, (Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept.)01
31Junior AssistantKaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Science, Warangal, (Health, Medical & Family Welfare
32Junior AssistantM.N.J. Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Centre, Hyderabad, (Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept.)05
33Junior AssistantNizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences
(Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept.)
34Junior AssistantTelangana State Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation, (Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept.)01
35Junior AssistantArchives and District Gazetteers (Higher Education Dept.)01
36Junior AssistantArchives Tarnaka (Higher Education Dept.)03
37Junior AssistantCollegiate Education HOD,
(Higher Education Dept.)
38Junior AssistantIntermediate Education HOD,
(Higher Education Dept.)
39Junior AssistantOriental Manuscripts, (Higher Education Dept.)01
40Junior AssistantState Board of Technical Education and
Training HOD, (Higher Education Dept.)
41Junior AssistantTechnical Education HOD,
(Higher Education Dept.)
42Junior AssistantTelangana State Board of Intermediate Education, (Higher Education Dept.)52
43Junior AssistantD.G. Special Protection Force, (Home Dept.)02
44Junior AssistantDirector General & Inspector General of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)23
45Junior AssistantIntelligence Dept, DG & IG of Police HOD,
(Home Dept.)
46Junior AssistantCID, DG & IG of Police HOD,
(Home Dept.)
47Junior AssistantTS FSL, DG & IG of Police HOD,
(Home Dept.)
48Junior AssistantPTO, DG & IG of Police HOD,
(Home Dept.)
49Junior AssistantGreyhounds, DG & IG of Police HOD,
(Home Dept.)
50Junior AssistantOctopus, DG & IG of Police HOD,
(Home Dept.)
51Junior AssistantTS Police Academy, DG & IG of Police HOD,
(Home Dept.)
52Junior AssistantTechnical Services IT&C, DG & IG of Police
HOD, (Home Dept.)
53Junior AssistantDirector General of Prison and Correctional
Services HOD, (Home Dept.)
54Junior AssistantProsecutions HOD, (Home Dept.)01
55Junior AssistantSainik Welfare HOD,(Home Dept.)01
56Junior AssistantCommerce and Export Promotion HOD,
(Industries and Commerce Dept.)
57Junior AssistantHandlooms & Textiles HOD,
(Industries and Commerce Dept.)
58Junior AssistantIndustries HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)08
59Junior AssistantMines and Geology HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)01
60Junior AssistantSugar Cane Commissioner HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)03
61Junior AssistantT.S. Khadi and Village Industries Board
(TSKVIB), (Industries and Commerce Dept.)
62Junior AssistantDirector, Ground Water Department HOD,
(Irrigation & Command Area Development Dept.)
63Junior AssistantEmployment and Training HOD,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
64Junior AssistantFactories HOD,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
65Junior AssistantIndustrial Tribunal-II, Hyderabad,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
66Junior AssistantIndustrial Tribunal-I, Hyderabad,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
67Junior AssistantInsurance Medical Services HOD,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
68Junior AssistantLabour Court, Godavarikhani,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
69Junior AssistantLabour Court, Warangal,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
70Junior AssistantLabour Court-I, Hyderabad,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
71Junior AssistantLabour Court-III, Hyderabad,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
72Junior AssistantLabour HOD,
(Labour and Employment Dept.)
73Junior AssistantMinorities Welfare HOD,
(Minorities Welfare Dept.)
74Junior AssistantMunicipal Administration HOD,
(Municipal Administration and Urban Development Dept.)
75Junior AssistantChief Engineer, Rural Water Supply
(Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)
76Junior AssistantEngineer-In-Chief (General & Panchayat
Raj) (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)
77Junior AssistantPanchayat Raj HOD, (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)03
78Junior AssistantTSIPARD (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)02
79Junior AssistantEconomics and Statistics HOD, (Planning Dept.)03
80Junior AssistantEndowments HOD, (Revenue Dept.)14
81Junior AssistantExcise HOD, (Revenue Dept.)15
82Junior AssistantLand Administration HOD, (Revenue Dept.)19
83Junior AssistantRegistration & Stamps HOD,
(Revenue Dept.)
84Junior AssistantState Taxes HOD, (Revenue Dept.)16
85Junior AssistantSurvey, Settlement and Land Records HOD
(Revenue Dept.)
86Junior AssistantScheduled Castes Development
Department HOD, (Scheduled Castes Development Department Dept.)
87Junior AssistantT.S.W.R.E.I. Society, (Scheduled Castes Development Department Dept.)23
88Junior AssistantTelangana Scheduled Castes Co-Op
Development Corporation Ltd., (Scheduled Castes Development Department Dept.)
89Junior AssistantGovernment Examinations HOD, (Secondary Education Dept.)15
90Junior AssistantPublic Libraries HOD (Secondary Education Dept.)02
91Junior AssistantRegistrar of Publications HOD, (Secondary Education Dept.)01
92Junior AssistantSchool Education HOD, (Secondary Education Dept.)31
93Junior AssistantState Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) (Secondary Education Dept.)04
94Junior AssistantTelangana State Residential Educational Institutional Society, (Secondary Education Dept.)03
95Junior AssistantEngineer-IN-Chief (R & B, NH, ADMN., ROB/RUBs) HOD, (Transport, Roads and Buildings Dept.)02
96Junior AssistantTransport Commissioner, Telangana HOD,
(Transport, Roads and Buildings Dept.)
97Junior AssistantChief Engineer, Tribal Welfare HOD (Tribal Welfare Dept.)02
98Junior AssistantT.S. Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (Secy Gurukulam) (Tribal Welfare Dept.)20
99Junior AssistantTribal Cultural Research and Training Institute, (Tribal Welfare Dept.)03
100Junior AssistantTribal Welfare HOD, (Tribal Welfare Dept.)02
101Junior AssistantWomen Development & Child Welfare HOD,
(Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens Dept.)
102Junior AssistantCultural Affairs, (Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture)02
103Junior AssistantSATS L.B. Stadium, (Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture)03
104Junior AccountantTreasuries and Accounts HOD, (Finance Dept.)60
105Junior AccountantLife Insurance Dept HOD, (Finance Dept.)01
106AccountantTelangana Scheduled Tribes Coop Fin. Corp. Ltd
(TRICOR), Tribal Welfare Dept
107Junior Assistant cum TypistProsecutions HOD, (Home Dept)04
Group 3 jobs List in Telangana 2023

List of Group 3 jobs in Telangana 2023 [Department Wise]

Department Group 3 Jobs details of Telangana state as per Telangana State Public Service Commission latest notification is given below.

S.NODepartment NameVacancy
1Finance Department712
2Higher Education Dept89
3Revenue Dept73
4Home Department69
5Secondary Education Dept.56
6Health, Medical & Family Welfare Dept48
7General Administration Dept46
8Scheduled Castes Development Department Dept36
9Labour and Employment Dept.33
10Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept29
11Tribal Welfare Dept28
12Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.27
13Backward Classes Welfare Dept27
14Industries and Commerce Dept25
15Municipal Administration and Urban Development Dept18
16Food & Civil Supplies Dept.16
17Transport, Roads and Buildings Dept12
18Environment, Forest, S & T Dept.07
19Minorities Welfare Dept.06
20Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture05
21Planning Dept03
22Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens Dept03
23Energy Dept.02
24Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries Dept.02
25Irrigation & Command Area Development Dept01
Department Wise List of Group 3 jobs in Telangana 2023