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Gujarat University candidate list is prepared based on the merit of the candidates, which is determined by their academic performance in the qualifying exams

Gujarat University is a well-known university in the state of Gujarat, India. It is one of the oldest and largest universities in the state, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in various fields such as science, arts, commerce, management, law, and more. The university is known for its quality education, research facilities, and academic excellence. Every year, the university releases the candidate list for various courses offered by it.

The Gujarat University candidate list is made available online, and students can check it by visiting the official website of the university. The list contains the names of the selected candidates along with their roll numbers, course applied for, and other relevant details. Students who find their names in the candidate list are required to complete the admission process within the stipulated time frame, failing which their admission may be canceled

Gujarat University Candidate List

Complete process to check Gujarat University candidate list is given below step by step.

STEP 1 : Visit Gujarat University official website

STEP 2 : At home page go to examination section and click on "Candidate List" link.

STEP 3 : Direct Link

STEP 4 : Select the course and list of courses will open as shown below.

Gujarat University candidate list
Gujarat University candidate list

STEP 5 : Click on your course to check candidate list

Gujarat University Candidate List PDF College Wise

  • CandidateList
    • 0455_DM_MCh_Dec-2016_Candidate_List
    • 0457_MD_MS_Diploma_Candidate_List_Oct-2016
    • 37 - First B Sc Nursing Exam Jan-2017
    • 38 - Second B Sc Nursing Exam Jan-2017
    • 39 - Third B Sc Nursing Exam Jan-2017
    • 40 - Fourth B Sc Nursing Exam Jan-2017
    • 87 - First B Physiotherapy Exam Jan-2017
    • 88 - Second B Physiotherapy Exam Jan-2017
    • 89 - Third B Physiotherapy Exam Jan-2017
    • 90 - Final B Physiotherapy Exam Jan-2017
    • 9988_Candidate List Integrated Law Sem-2 May-2017 Exam
    • 9988_Candidate List Integrated Law Sem-4 May-2017 Exam
    • 9988_Candidate List Integrated Law Sem-6 May-2017 Exam
    • 9989_CandidateList_BHMS_Year_1_20170112_195934
    • 9989_CandidateList_BHMS_Year_2_20170112_195940
    • 9989_CandidateList_BHMS_Year_3_20170112_195944
    • 9989_CandidateList_BHMS_Year_4_20170112_195949
    • 9989_CandidateList_BOPT_Yr_1_20170112_200225
    • 9989_CandidateList_BOPT_Yr_2_20170112_200233
    • 9989_CandidateList_BOPT_Yr_3_20170112_200240
    • 9989_CandidateList_BPO_Yr_1_20170112_200349
    • 9989_CandidateList_BPO_Yr_2_20170112_200400
    • 9989_CandidateList_BPO_Yr_3_20170112_200406
    • 9989_CandidateList_BPO_Yr_4_20170112_200417
    • 9989_CandidateList_BSCN_Yr_1_20170112_200533
    • 9989_CandidateList_BSCN_Yr_2_20170112_200538
    • 9990_CandidateList_BALLB_Sem_1_20161127_195226
    • 9990_CandidateList_BALLB_Sem_3_20161127_195246
    • 9990_CandidateList_BBALLB_Sem_1_20161127_195659
    • 9990_CandidateList_BBALLB_Sem_3_20161127_195717
    • 9990_CandidateList_BBALLB_Sem_5_20161127_195855
    • 9990_CandidateList_BCOMLLB_Sem_1_20161127_195913
    • 9990_CandidateList_BSC_Sem_3_20161128_105105
    • 9990_CandidateList_BSC_Sem_3_20161128_105147
    • 9990_CandidateList_BSC_Sem_3_20161128_122011
    • 9990_CandidateList_MED_Sem_1_20161128_105553
    • 9990_CandidateList_MED_Sem_3_20161128_105610
    • 9990_CandidateList_MLISC_Sem_1_20161130_105548
    • 9990_CandidateList_MLISC_Sem_3_20161128_105655
    • 9990_CandidateList_MLW_Sem_1_20161128_105841
    • 9990_CandidateList_MLW_Sem_3_20161128_105909
    • 9990_CandidateList_MPE_Sem_1_20161128_105946
    • 9990_CandidateList_MPE_Sem_3_20161128_110016
    • 9990_CandidateList_PGCCP_Sem_1_20161128_110045
    • 9990_CandidateList_PGDLIN_Sem_1_20161128_110326
    • 9990_CandidateList_PGDLIN_Sem_3_20161128_110343
    • 9990_CandidateList_PGDRA_Sem_1_20161128_110601
    • 9990_CandidateList_PGDRP_Sem_1_20161128_111125
    • 9999_CandidateList_BARCH_Sem_3_20161111_113750
    • 9999_CandidateList_BARCH_Sem_3_20161111_114146
    • 9999_CandidateList_BARCH_Sem_5_20161111_113847
    • 9999_CandidateList_BARCH_Sem_7_20161111_114100
    • 9999_CandidateList_BID15_Sem_3_20161111_114241

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