Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers List 1952 to 2022

Check List of Chief Ministers of Himachal Pradesh from 1951 to 2022 with their office tenure and name of party in elections, Also check out Himachal Pradesh cabinet Ministers List 2022

Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers List:-The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh is the chief executive head of the state and council of Ministers. All the powers of the state invests into Chief Minister of the State. As per the constitution of India, the governor is state's de jure head, but de facto executive authority rests within Chief Minister. Under Article 164 of Indian Constitution, the Governor appoints the Chief Minister from the party with clear majority of seats in the election. Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers List is given below

Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers List

The Chief Commissioner's Province of Himachal Pradesh was formed on 15 April 1948 through integration of 30 formerly princely states. Himachal Pradesh became a part C state in 1951. Under the government of part C state and was brought under a Lt. Governor with 36 member legislative assembly. In 1952, under the leadership of Yashwant Singh Parmar the Indian National Congress won 24 seats in 1st elections of assembly to form government in Himachal Pradesh for the first time.List of Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers with their Party name and duration is given below in table

Name of Chief MinisterOffice Tenure FromToParty Name
Yashwant Singh Parmar8 March 195231 Oct. 1956INC
State ceased to exit31 Oct. 19561 July 1963The state was converted into a Union Territory
Yashwant Singh Parmar1 July 196328 Jan. 1977INC
Thakur Ram Lal28 Jan. 197730 April 1977INC
President,s Rule30 April 197722 Jun. 1977-
Shanta Kumar22 Jun. 197714 Feb. 1980JNP
Thakur Ram Lal14 Feb. 19807 April 1983INC
Virbhadra Singh 8 April 19838 March 1985INC
Virbhadra Singh8 March 19855 March 1990INC
Shanta Kumar5 March 199015 Dec. 1992BJP
President's Rule15 Dec. 19923 Dec. 1993
Virbhadra Singh3 Dec. 199323 March 1998INC
Prem Kumar Dhumal24 March 19985 March 2003BJP
Virbhadra Singh6 March 200330 Dec. 2007INC
Prem Kumar Dhumal30 Dec. 200725 Dec. 2012BJP
Virbhadra Singh25 Dec. 201227 Dec. 2017INC
Jai Ram Thakur27 Dec. 2017PresentBJP
Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers List

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Himachal Pradesh Council Ministers List in Hindi

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Himachal Pradesh chief Ministers List
Himachal Pradesh Council of Ministers List/ Himachal Pradesh Chief Ministers List

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