ITI Trade List with Duration of ITI Course

Check below ITI Trade list with duration of courses and trade code for admission in government & private Industrial Training Institutes all over the country. Download ITI trade list pdf file and check ITI merit list for ITI admission 2023-24

ITI Trade List: Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is imparting skill based industrial training to the unemployed youth in various ITI trades. There are more than 180 ITI trades available for admission in Industrial Training Institutes all over all the country. The quality of training in ITI colleges is upgraded time to time by providing improvement in training methodology, curriculum and by providing training to teachers and students through industrial sector council council of government.

ITI trade list includes both engineering and non-engineering trade courses of one or two years duration in various govt aided colleges and private ITI colleges. The candidates who have passed their 10th class can apply for admission in various ITI trades in govt & private Industrial Training Institutes. ITI trade list pdf download link is provided at the end of this article.

ITI Trade List - NCVT

As per National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) data, list of ITI trade with trade code and courses duration is given below. As per market demand, new trades can also being added to this list.

S.NoTrade NameTrade CodeCourses Duration
1Additive Manufacturing Technician Three D Printing4001 Year
2Advanced CNC Machining Technician10012 Years
3Aeronautical Structure and Equipment Fitter4011 year
4Agro Processing4021 year
5Architectural Assistant4032 Year
6Architectural Draughtsman4052 Year
7Architectural Draughtsman9902 Year
8Artisan using Advanced Tool10041 year
9Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)4061 year
10Baker and Confectioner4071 year
11Bamboo Works4081 year
12Basic Designer and Virtual Verifier10052 year
13Cane Willow and Bamboo Worker4131 year
14Carpenter9661 year
15Catering & Hospitality Assistant4151 year
16Central Air-condition Plant Mechanic9961 year
17Civil Engineer Assistant4162 year
18Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing4171 year
19Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance4181 year
20Computer Hardware & Networking Maintenance (NSQF)4191 year
21Computer Operator & Programming Assistant4201 year
22Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (VI) (NSQF)2421 year
23Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF)4211 year
24Cosmetology4092 year
25Cosmetology (NSQF)9732 year
26Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian)4231 year
27Cutting & Sewing4251 year
28Dairying1001 year
29Dairying9931 year
30Data Base System Assistant4271 year
31Data Entry Operator10121 year
32Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician4302 Years
33Desk Top Publishing Operator4311 year
34Desktop Publishing Operator4321 year
35Digital Photographer4331 year
36Draftsman Civil4362 year
37Draughtsman (Civil)4382 Years
38Draughtsman (Civil)9912 Years
39Draughtsman (Mechanical)4392 Years
40Dress Making4401 year
41Driver Cum Mechanic10111 Years
42Early Childhood Educator5442 year
43Early Childhood Educator9862 year
44Electrician2312 Years
45Electrician4432 Years
46Electrician4422 Years
47Electrician Power Distribution4442 Years
48Electronics Mechanic4462 Years
49Electroplater2332 Years
50Electroplater4472 Years
51Event Management Assistant10161 year
52Fashion Design & Technology4491 year
53Fiber to Home Technician10171 year
54Finance Executive4501 year
55Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management4511 year
56Firemen4521 year
57Fitter2272 Years
58Fitter4542 Years
59Fitter4532 Years
60Floriculture & Landscaping4551 year
61Food & Beverages Services Assistant4561 year
62Food Beverage4571 year
63Food Production (General)4581 year
64Footwear maker4591 year
65Foundryman2141 year
66Foundryman4601 year
67Front Office Assistant4611 year
68Fruit and Vegetable Processor4621 year
69Geo Informatics Assistant4631 year
70Hair & Skin Care4641 year
71Health Safety & Environment4661 year
72Health Sanitary Inspector4671 year
73Horticulture4681 year
74Horticulture9211 year
75Hospital House Keeping4701 year
76House Keeper4711 year
77Human Resource Executive4721 year
78Industrial Painter4731 year
79Industrial Robotics and Digital Manufacturing Technician10062 Years
80Information Communication Technology System Maintenance4741 year
81Information Technology4752 Years
82Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant)4782 Years
83Instrument Mechanic4772 Years
84Interior Decoration and Designing9261 year
85Interior Design & Decoration4811 year
86IoT Technician (Smart Agriculture)9871 Years
87IoT Technician (Smart City)9651 Years
88IoT Technician (Smart healthcare)9881 Years
89Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)4852 Years
90Laboratory Assistant-Chemical Plant4862 Years
91Leather Goods Maker4871 year
92Lift and Escalator Mechanic4902 year
93Lift Mechanic9292 year
94Litho- Offset Machine Minder4921 year
95Machinist (Grinder)4942 year
96Machinist4932 year
97Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant)4952 Years
98Manufacturing Process Control and Automation10071 year
99Marine Engine Fitter4961 year
100Marine Fitter4972 year
101Marketing Executive4981 year
102Mason (Building Constructor)4991 year
103Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Heavy Vehicles5002 year
104Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles5012 year
105Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)5022 Years
106Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning)5032 Years
107Mechanic (Tractor)5042 Years
108Mechanic Agriculture Machinery5052 Years
109Mechanic Auto Body Painting5072 Years
110Mechanic Auto Body Repair5082 Years
111Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics5092 Years
112Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance5102 Years
113Mechanic Computer Hardware5112 Years
114Mechanic Consumer Electronics5122 Years
115Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances5132 Years
116Mechanic Cum Operator Electronics Communication System5142 Years
117Mechanic Diesel5152 Years
118Mechanic Electrical Vehicle10022 Years
119Mechanic Industrial Electronics5162 Years
120Mechanic Lens/Prism Grinding5172 Years
121Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance5182 Years
122Mechanic Mechatronics5192 Years
123Mechanic Medical Electronics5202 Years
124Mechanic Mining Machinery5212 Years
125Mechanic Radio & T.V.5232 Years
126Mechanic Two & Three Wheeler9852 Years
127Metal Cutting Attendant5272 year
128Milk & Milk Product Technician9941 year
129Multimedia Animation & Special Effects5301 year
130Network Technician10152 year
131Office Assistant cum Computer Operator5321 year
132Old Age Care5331 year
133Operator Advanced Machine Tools5352 year
134Painter General5362 Years
135Photographer5391 year
136Physiotherapy Technician5401 year
137Plastic Processing Operator5411 year
138Plate Maker-Cum-Impositor (NSQF)5421 year
139Plumber5431 year
140Pump Operator-Cum-Mechanic5471 year
141Radiology Technician5482 Years
142Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technicain9982 year
143Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA Drone Pilot)10141 year
144Secretarial Practice (English)2581 year
145Secretarial Practice (English)5531 year
146Sewing Technology5541 year
147Sheet Metal Worker (DA)5561 year
148Sheet Metal Worker5551 year
149Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester10131 year
150Soil Testing and Crop Technician5591 year
151Solar Technician9491 year
152Solar Technician (Electrical)5611 year
153Solar Technician5601 year
154Spa Therapy5621 year
155Spinning Technician5632 year
156Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English)2591 year
157Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English) (NSQF)5641 year
158Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi)5651 year
159Stone Mining Machine Operator5661 year
160Stone Processing Machine Operator5671 year
161Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery)5681 year
162Surveyor2072 year
163Surveyor (NSQF)9702 year
164Surveyor9742 year
165Technician Mechatronics5702 Years
166Technician Medical Electronics9952 Years
167Technician Power Electronics System5712 Years
168Textile Mechatronics5722 year
169Textile Wet Processing Technician5732 Years
170Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)5742 Years
171Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)5752 Years
172Tourist Guide5761 year
173Travel & Tour Assistant5771 year
174Turner5782 Years
175Vessel Navigator5792 year
176Weaving of Woolen Fabrics5801 year
177Weaving Technician5812 year
178Weaving Technician for Silk & Woolen Fabrics5821 year
179Welder3121 year
180Welder (DA)5851 year
181Welder (Fabrication & Fitting)5861 year
182Welder (GMAW & GTAW)9921 year
183Welder9691 year
184Welder (Pipe)5881 year
185Welder (Structural)5891 year
186Welder (Welding & Inspection)5901 year
ITI Trade List with Trade Code and Duration

ITI Trade List for Engineering Courses

  1. Instrument Mechanic – 1 year.
  2. Architectural Assistant – 1 year
  3. Marine Fitter – 1 year
  4. Multimedia Animation and Special Effects – 1 year
  5. Radiology Technician – 2 years.
  6. Computer Hardware and Networking – 2 years
  7. Mechanic Lens and Prism Grinding – 2 years
  8. Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician – 2 years
  9. Architectural Draftsmanship – 2 years
  10. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant – 2 years
  11. Physiotherapy Technician – 2 years
  12. Mechanic Agricultural Machinery – 2 years

ITI Trade List for Non Engineering Courses

  1. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant – 1 year
  2. Stenography English – 1 year
  3. Stenography Hindi – 1 year
  4. Insurance Agent – 1 year
  5. Library and Information Science – 1 year
  6. Catering and Hospitality Assistant – 1 year
  7. Creche Management – 1 year
  8. Interior Decoration and Designing – 1 year
  9. Desktop Publishing Operator – 1 year
  10. Plastic Processing Operator – 1 year
  11. Mason – 1 year
  12. Health and Sanitary Inspector – 1 year
  13. Travel and Tour Assistant – 1 year
  14. Human Resource Executive – 1 year
  15. Basic Cosmetology – 1 year
  16. Call Centre Assistant – 1 year
  17. Old Age Care Assistant – 1 year
  18. Health Safety and Environment – 1 year
  19. Marketing Executive – 1 year
  20. Craftsman Food Corporation – 2 years
  21. Goldsmith – 2 years
  22. Surveyor – 2 year

ITI Trade List PDF Download

Download ITI Trade list pdf file from the below link.

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