MY LPG Ujjwala Yojana List 2024 and Check Gas Subsidy

My LPG Ujjwala Yojana list, Check LPG gas cylinder subsidy status, apply online for new gas connection and procedure to be followed by BPL cardholder avail the connection under PM Ujjwala yojana, and check out list of facility provided under this scheme

MY LPG Ujjwala Yojana List: Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is a flagship scheme launched by PM Modi with an objective to make clean cooking fuel such as LPG available to the rural and deprived households which were otherwise using traditional cooking fuels such as firewood, coal, cow-dung cakes etc. The usage of traditional cooking fuels had detrimental impacts.

Under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, the women from poor families get benefited. The government of India is providing free gas connection and subsidy to poor families belonging to Below Poverty Line (BPL). The female applicants of BPL family can apply for the scheme. My LPG Ujjwala Yojana list is given below.

My LPG Ujjwala Yojana List 2024

The main objective of scheme is to provide clean cooking fuel to the poor households mainly in rural areas. we can't ignore that use of fuels like fossil fuels and conventional fuel leads to a serious impact on the health of the women and children in the villages. Using of LPG as fuel will help in maintaining health and surrounding environment clean and breathable.

List of Facility under the Scheme

BPL families can avail new LPG connection without paying the security deposit of 1 cylinder and 1 pressure regulator. However, the other expenses given below, for released of new LPG connections are to paid by the beneficiaries.

  • Installation / demonstration charges for new connection to the concerned distributor.
  • Administrative charges for issuing DGCC including cost to the concerned distributor.
  • At the time of released of new LPG connection the prospective customer must have rubber tube and gas stove, both with BIS marks which they can procure from any source including the distributor. If purchased from the concerned distributor, cost of hot plate and LPG rubber / hose is required to be paid to the distributor.
  • If the hotplate is procured from a source other than the concerned distributor, the customer has to pay inspection charges of the hot plate, as applicable to the distributor.
  • Price of LPG in filled cylinder is also to be paid by the customer separately at the time of availing New LPG Connection.

  • BPL cardholder can approach the nearest distributor / RGGLV and Submit the prescribed declaration from along with copy of BPL Ration Card.
  • The RGGLV will retain photocopy of the BPL ration card and stamp it as "verified with original" and would register his name as prospective LPG consumer under the scheme.
  • The RGGLV prepares a list of BPL ration cardholders (beneficiary) who have registered for the released of Security Deposit free connections and hand over to the concerned officer of the state government BDO / DSO / FDO etc. for authentication.
  • Based on the verification done by the state government, connections are released to authenticated beneficiaries, on completion of all requisite formalities for released of new LPG connection.
  • BPL Ration cardholder will be released only deposit free single cylinder under the scheme. In case the BPL ration cardholder wants to avail second cylinder, it will be released at the prevailing deposit rate.

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My LPG Ujjwala Yojana List Web Page
My LPG Ujjwala Yojana List Web Page

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