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Check Today's NSE Ban List as per National Stock Exchange with Market Wide Position Limit MWPL percentage of stocks, also check Frequently asked question of NSE Ban List

The NSE Ban List section shows you Market Wide Position Limit or MWPL for over 140 derivative NSE stocks. It also shows whether a stock is in Ban List or has chances of a possible entry in the near future.

A stock enters the Ban List if its MWP is above 95% Implying that Ban list shows the futures and options stocks whose combined open interest in fall FnO contracts for a given period crosses 95% of Market Wide Position Limit.

NSE Ban List

Recent NSE Ban List include four stocks namely RBL Bank, India bulls Housing Finance, Sun TV and Delta Corp are under F & O NSE Ban List for 27 June 2022. These stocks crossed the limit of 95% of the market wide position limit and under NSE ban List till theses stock comes under 80%.

Security in NSE Ban List for Today 05 july 2022 is Zero or Nill means no stock under NSE BAN List for day.

SymbolPrevious MWPL %Current MWPL %
Delta Crops 87.5185.71
RBL Bank84.7861.37
Securities in Ban List Today 2024

Possible Entrants

SymbolPrevious MWPL %Current MWPL %
VEDL83.11 %45.67
AMARAJABAT83.22 %31.47
NMDC78.19 %36.26
Possible Entrants List

Possible Exits

SymbolPrevious MWPL %Current MWPL %
Possible Exits List

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What is NSE Ban List?

A stock enters the Ban List if its MWP is above 95% means open interest crosses the limit of 95% of the MWPL.

What is MWPL?

MWPL is Market Wide Position Limit, It is maximum number of contracts which can be open at any time under open interest. F & O contracts of the NSE Stock enter ban period if the open interest crosses the limit of 95%

What is F & O in NSE Ban List?

F & O ban is a regulatory measure to prevent excessive increase and hypothetical trading. If a stock crosses a particular limit set by stock exchange, it comes under F & O ban.

What is effect of NSE Ban?

When a stock enters F & O NSE ban list, no fresh positions are allowed for any future and options contracts in that stock.

How NSE effect the stock market and retailers? F & O ban good or bad ?

NSE ban reduces the volatility in particular share, but it save retail investors from big loss and also give time to investor rethink about their position.

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