TASMAC Holidays List 2024 & TASMAC Calendar 2024-25 PDF

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation has announced TASMAC holidays list 2024 and TASMAC working hours. Download TASMAC calendar 2024 and check list of dry days declared by government of Tamil Nadu state and list of 500 liquor shops closed by TASMAC

Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) is a Tamil Nadu state government owned marketing corporation limited under the Companies Act, 1956. TASMAC remains open all days expect national holidays and holidays declared by the state government of Tamil Nadu. To check "today Tasmac open or closed" you need to follow TASMAC holidays list 2024. You can download Pdf of TASMAC holidays list 2024 pdf and TASMAC calendar 2024 from the link provide at the end of this article.

TASMAC industry deals in retail and wholesale vending of liquor and alcoholic beverages in Tamil Nadu. The working hours of all TASMAC retail shops and TASMAC bars is from 12 PM to 10 PM. As TASMAC is owned by the government of Tamil Nadu, TASMAC will run all days except holidays declared by Tamil Nadu state government. TASMAC holidays list 2024 and list of dry days declared by state government of Tamil Nadu is given below.

TASMAC Holidays List 2024

Every state of India has its own culture, festivals, customs and tradition. The government of Tamil Nadu has released a list of TASMAC holidays and public holidays list during year 2024. You can plan your holidays and other events as per list of holidays by government of Tamil Nadu.

15 Jan 2024MondayPongalRegional
16 Jan 2024TuesdayThiruvalluvar DayRegional
17 Jan 2024WednesdayUzhavar ThirunalRegional
25 Jan 2024Thursday Thai PoosamRegional
26 Jan 2024FridayRepublic DayNational
09 Apr 2024WednesdayTelugu New Year's Day
Ugadi (ఉగాది)
29 Mar 2024FridayGood FridayRegional
13 Apr 2024SaturdayTamil New year's DayRegional
14 Apr 2024SundayDr. B.R. Ambedkar's BirthdayRegional
11 Apr 2024ThursdayRamzan (Eid al-Fitr)Regional
21 Apr 2024SundayMahavir JayantiRegional
01 May 2024WednesdayMay DayRegional
17 Jun 2024MondayBakrid (Idul Azha)Regional
17 Jul 2024WednesdayMuharramRegional
15 Aug 2024ThursdayIndependence DayNational
26 Aug 2024MondayKrishna JayanthiRegional
07 Sep 2024SaturdayVinayakar ChaturthiRegional
16 Sep 2024MondayMilad-un-NabiRegional
02 Oct 2024WednesdayGandhi JayanthiNational
12 Oct 2024SaturdayVijaya Dasami/Ayudha PujaRegional
31 Oct 2024ThursdayDeepavaliRegional
15 Nov 2024FridayGuru Nanak's BirthdayRegional
25 Dec 2024WednesdayChristmas DayRegional
TASMAC Holidays List 2024

Note: TASMAC has declared 15 August 2024 (Independence day), 26 August 2024 (Krishna Janmashtami), 16 September 2024 (Milad-un-Nabi) and 2 October 2024 (Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti) as dry days in state of Tamil Nadu. All offices and retails shops of TASMAC will remains closed on dry days declared by government of Tamil Nadu. For more details check below TN public holidays list 2024.

Tamil Nadu Government Holidays List 2024

TASMAC Holidays List 2024 Pdf Download

The calendar of TASMAC is same as that of Tamil Nadu government excise department. TASMAC holidays list 2024 Pdf download link is given below.

Download PDF

TASMAC Holidays List 2024
TASMAC Holidays List 2024

TASMAC Working Hours in Tamil Nadu

TASMAC all retail shops are open from 12 noon to 10PM on all working days including Sunday expect TASMAC holiday. Previously TASMAC shops were operating from 10AM to 8PM. Now Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) has announced new schedule and working hours for all TASMAC outlets. TASMAC retail shops will remain open on all days expect dry days declared by state government of Tamil Nadu

DaysTASMAC Working Hours
Monday12.00 PM to 10.00 PM
Tuesday12.00 PM to 10.00 PM
Wednesday12.00 PM to 10.00 PM
Thursday 12.00 PM to 10.00 PM
Friday12.00 PM to 10.00 PM
Saturday 12.00 PM to 10.00 PM
Sunday12.00 PM to 10.00 PM
TASMAC Working Hours in Tamil Nadu

List of Dry Days in Tamil Nadu 2024

Dry days in Tamil Nadu includes national holidays and some specific festivals and occasion of the state.

Date Day Occasion
16 January 2024TuesdayThiruvalluvar Day
26 January 2024FridayRepublic Day
21 April 2024SundayMaha Shivaratri
1 May 2024WednesdayMay Day
15 August 2024ThursdayIndependence Day
26 August 2024MondayKrishna Janmashtami
16 September 2024 MondayEid-un-Nabi / Eid Milad
(Birthday of Prophet Muhammad)
2 October 2024WednesdayGandhi Jayanti
List of Dry Days in Tamil Nadu 2024

Note: State government of Tamil Nadu prohibited sale of alcohol on dry days. You need to have ID proof for the purchase of liquor as people below 21 years are not permitted to drink and buy alcohol.

Dry Day List 2024

Tamil Nadu Liquor Price List 2024 (Whisky, Wine, Vodka, Rum & Beer)

TASMAC shops and bars are allowed to sale liquor only at MRP price, if any salesman and supervisor are found selling above MRP (Maximum Retail Price) would be suspended. TASMAC has also planned to computerize the sale of Tasmac that will enhance transparency and enables tracking system for liquor bottle by QR code and 1D barcodes. Check TASMAC liquor price list of all IMFS brands like Whisky, Wine, Vodka, Rum & Beer. Download Tamil Nadu liquor price list pdf of all major cities of state, Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Salem, Thanjavur, Tirupur etc.

Download TASMAC Price List PDF

TASMAC 500 Liquor Shops Closed List PDF

TASMAC has closed 500 liquor shops in Tamil Nadu from 22 June 2023. These 500 liquor shops across the state are closed based on the complaints received from the public. There were 5329 retail shops run by Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited (TASMAC) in Tamil Nadu. Now TASMAC has closed 500 retail shops as per order issued by Home Prohibition and Enforcement Department.

List of TASMAC Closed in Tamil Nadu – 500 Liquor Shops to be Closed

What are Working Hours of TASMAC

The working hours of TASMAC all retail outlets is from 12PM to 10PM on all working days expect holidays declared by state government.

What is TASMAC Price List 2024

TASMAC price list is maximum retail price of liquor IMFS brands and imported foreign liquor.

TASMAC Dry Days 2024

TASMAC dry day is a day on which sale of liquor at TASMAC outlets is not allowed by law and government. The TASMAC dry days list includes Independence Day, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti and Republic Day.

Today TASMAC Wine Shop opening time Tamil Nadu

The TASMAC wine shops and retail outlets opening time is from 10AM to 10PM. TASMAC liquor shops remains through out the day on all working days. TASMAC shops only remain closed on Tamil Nadu dry days declared by state government.