List of UK Prime Minister in Chronological order from 1721 to 2024

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UK Prime Minister List :- The Prime Minister of United Kingdom is the head of British Cabinet and Majesty's Government. In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister leads the government with the support of cabinet and Ministers and is ultimately responsible for all policy and decisions. Prime Minister of UK appoints members of the government and oversees the operation of the Civil Services and government agencies.

There are total 120 ministers including Prime Minister, 22 cabinet ministers and 97 other minister in House of Commons United Kingdom. In UK there are 23 Ministerial departments, 20 Non-Ministerial departments and 300+ Agencies other public bodies. The Prime Minster manages the Civil Services which done the practical and administrative work of government.

UK Prime Minister List from 1721 to 2024

Robert Walpole is the first UK Prime Minister, he is longest serving UK Prime Minister. At present Boris Johnson is Prime Minster of great Britain. The UK Prime Minister List from 1721 to 2024 with their term of office and party name is given below in the table.

S.NoPrime Minister Name Term of Office (Tenure)Party
1Robert Walpole(1721–42)Whig
2Spencer Compton (1742–43)Whig
3Henry Pelham(1743–54)Whig
4Thomas Pelham-Holles(1754–56; 1st time)Whig
5William Cavendish(1756–57)Whig
6Thomas Pelham-Holles(1757–62)Whig
7John Stuart (1762–63)Tory
8George Grenville (1763–65)Whig
9Charles Watson Wentworth (1765–66; 1st time)Whig
10William Pitt, the Elder (1766–68)Whig
11Augustus Henry Fitzroy(1768–70)Whig
12Frederick North(1770–82)Tory
13Charles Watson Wentworth (1782; 2nd time)Whig
14William Petty-Fitzmaurice (1782–83)Whig
15William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck (1783; 1st time)Whig
16William Pitt, the Younger (1783–1801; 1st time)Tory
17Henry Addington (1801–04)Tory
18William Pitt, the Younger(1804–06; 2nd time)Tory
19William Wyndham Grenville (1806–07)Whig
20William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck (1807–09; 2nd time)Tory
21Spencer Perceval (1809–12)Tory
22Robert Banks Jenkinson (1812–27)Tory
23George Canning (1827)Tory
24Frederick John Robinson (1827–28)Tory
25Arthur Wellesley (1828–30; 1st time)Tory
26Charles Grey (1830–34)Whig
27William Lamb(1834; 1st time)Whig
28Arthur Wellesley (1834; 2nd time)Tory
29Robert Peel(1834–35; 1st time)Conservative
30William Lamb (1835–41; 2nd time)Whig
31Robert Peel (1841–46; 2nd time)Conservative
32John Russell (1846–52; 1st time)Whig
33Edward Geoffrey Stanley (1852; 1st time)Conservative
34George Hamilton-Gordon (1852–55)Peelite
35Henry John Temple (1855–58; 1st time)Whig
36Edward Geoffrey Stanley (1858–59; 2nd time)Conservative
37Henry John Temple (1859–65; 2nd time)Liberal
38John Russell(1865–66; 2nd time)Liberal
39Edward Geoffrey Stanley (1866–68; 3rd time)Conservative
40Benjamin Disraeli (1868; 1st time)Conservative
41William Ewart Gladstone (1868–74; 1st time)Conservative
42Benjamin Disraeli (1874–80; 2nd time)Conservative
43William Ewart Gladstone(1880–85; 2nd time)Liberal
44Robert Gascoyne Cecil (1885–86; 1st time)Conservative
45William Ewart Gladstone (1886; 3rd time)Liberal
46Robert Gascoyne Cecil (1886–92; 2nd time)Conservative
47William Ewart Gladstone (1892–94; 4th time)Liberal
48Archibald Philip Primrose (1894–95)Liberal
49Robert Gascoyne Cecil (1895–1902; 3rd time)Conservative
50Arthur James Balfour (1902–05)Conservative
51Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1905–08)Liberal
52H.H. Asquith (1908–16)Liberal
53David Lloyd George(1916–22)Liberal
54Bonar Law (1922–23)Conservative
55Stanley Baldwin (1923–24; 1st time)Conservative
56Ramsay Macdonald (1924; 1st time)Labour
57Stanley Baldwin(1924–29; 2nd time)Conservative
58Ramsay Macdonald (1929–35; 2nd time)National Labour
59Stanley Baldwin (1935–37; 3rd time)Conservative
60Neville Chamberlain (1937–40)Conservative
61Winston Churchill (1940–45; 1st time)Conservative
62Clement Attlee (1945–51)Labour
63Winston Churchill (1951–55; 2nd time)Conservative
64Anthony Eden (1955–57)Conservative
65Harold Macmillan (1957–63)Conservative
66Alec Douglas-Home(1963–64)Conservative
67Harold Wilson (1964–70; 1st time)Labour
68Edward Heath (1970–74)Conservative
69Harold Wilson (1974–76; 2nd time)Labour
70James Callaghan (1976–79)Labour
71Margaret Thatcher(1979–90)Conservative
72John Major(1990–97)Conservative
73Tony Blair(1997–2007)Labour
74Gordon Brown (2007–10)Labour
75David Cameron (2010–16 )Conservative
76Theresa May(2016–19)Conservative
77Boris Johnson (2019– Incumbent )Conservative
UK Prime Minister List

UK Prime Minister List PDF

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Who was the First and Longest-serving UK Prime Minister?

Robert Walpole was the First and Longest-serving UK Prime Minister

Who was the UK Prime Minister during world War II?

Winston Churchill was the UK Prime Minister during world War II

Who was first female UK Prime Minister?

Margaret Thatcher was first female UK Prime Minister

Who is the Current UK Prime Minister in 2022?

Boris Johnson is the Current UK Prime Minister in 2022.

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