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Check USTTAD Scheme PIA List, USTTAD Scheme Benefits and Features List, Eligibility Criteria Of PIAs, Eligible Trainees And Beneficiaries Under USTTAD Scheme, USTTAD SAMMAN to Outstanding Master Craft persons And Artisans/Culinary Experts, Terms and Conditions Of USTTAD Scheme

USTTAD Scheme: The Ministry of Minority Affairs has launched a new scheme ‘Upgrading The Skills And Training In Traditional Arts/ Crafts For Development’ (USTTAD), which inter-alia, aims to preserve heritage of traditional arts and crafts of minorities and build capacity of traditional crafts persons and artisans. The scheme aims at capacity building and updating the traditional skills of master crafts persons and artisans.

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Under the USTTAD Scheme, the Ministry of Minority Affairs has entrusted a project to NIFT with the objective of training and upgrading skills of craft persons belonging to the minority communities thereby preserving traditional ancestral arts/crafts being practiced by them. NIFT as knowledge partner for USTTAD has identified crafts predominantly practiced by minority communities and supports the Ministry of Minority Affairs through various activities like documenting the crafts, setting standards for defining “master-craftsperson” or “USTAAD” for identified crafts, development of course curriculum of product development and Design Workshops for potential crafts persons and trainees, product range development and facilitating linkages with e-marketing portals for providing platforms for selling developed products.

Overview of USTTAD Scheme

Scheme NameUSTTAD Scheme
Launched ByGovernment Of India
BeneficiaryCitizens Of India
ObjectiveTo Build The Capacity Of Master Craftsmen And Artisans And Train The Young Generation Through The Master Craftsman And Artisans In The Field Of Traditional Arts And Crafts
Official Website
USTTAD Scheme Overview

USTTAD Scheme Benefits and Features List

  • The Ministry of minority affairs has launched the USTTAD Scheme.
  • This scheme focuses on the capacity building of the master craftsmen and artisans.
  • This scheme will also focus on updating the traditional skills of the master craftsman and artisans.
  • The trained craftsman and artisans will train the minority youth in various specific traditional arts and crafts.
  • The ministry will also conduct a development program for all the important traditional arts and crafts that are practised by minority communities.
  • This scheme will also help them in establishing market linkages.
  • The USTTAD scheme will also preserve the rich heritage of traditional arts and crafts of minorities.
  • Other than that this scheme will also improve the employability of the existing workers.

Knowledge Partners Under USTTAD Scheme

  • National Institute of fashion technology
  • Sectoral export promotion Council
  • Other export agencies

Support Of Knowledge Partners Under USTTAD Scheme

  • Design and forecast trends for commercial viability
  • Identification of languishing arts and crafts and their preservation
  • Monitoring assessment and certification of training
  • Development of course curriculum
  • Design development research
  • Documentation of identified crafts
  • Setting standard of identified crafts
  • Identification of traditional skills and crafts

Components Of USTTAD Scheme

  • Upgradation of skills and training in traditional arts/crafts through institutions
  • Usttad apprenticeship stipend for research and development
  • Support to craft museum for curation traditional arts and craft
  • Supporter minority craftsman/auditions through hunar haat and shilp utsav
  • Recognization of talented master craftsman and artisans

Upgradation Of Skills And Training In Traditional Arts/Crafts through Institution

This component of the usttad scheme will implement through the institutional framework. The ministry is going to provide the institution with certificate and diploma courses on the traditional arts and craft which will be recognized by the Ministry of Skill development and entrepreneurship, DC handicrafts, or sectoral export promotion Council

Eligibility Criteria Of PIAs

Following project management agencies will be responsible for implementing the scheme:-

  • Societies registered under societies registration act for at least three years (experience of conducting traditional skill development courses with established market linkages is mandatory)
  • Any private recognised or registered professional Institution having experience of at least 3 years with established market linkages
  • industry or association of industries
  • Any institution of Central of state government which includes University, public sector undertakings and training institutes

Eligible Trainees And Beneficiaries Under USTTAD Scheme

  • Training should belong to minority community
  • 25% candidates belonging to BPL families of non minority committee will also consider.
  • 3% seats will also reserve for differently abled citizens belonging to minority community
  • The age of trainee should be between 14 to 45 years
  • The relaxation in upper age limit will be provided for differently abled persons belonging to minorities
  • Minimum educational qualification of the training is class 5th
  • There is a relaxation of minimum educational qualification in case of differently abled persons
  • If more than one member of family fulfill the eligibility criteria then the benefit of the scheme will extend to them also

Implementation Of USTTAD Scheme

  • Under the National commission for minorities act 1992 this scheme will be implemented in order to preserve and promote traditional arts and craft which are practiced by minority communities
  • This scheme will implement throughout the country
  • The PIA is required to develop the course module in consultation with knowledge partners and master trainee
  • The PIA will also launch various awareness campaigns
  • PIA is required to engage the master trainer who should be well known master craftsmen and artisans in the selected field of traditional art and craft
  • 1 master craftsman for each craft for maximum 100 trainee under the particular craft will be provided
  • Preference will give to the projects with national/state awardee master craftsman/artisans, National merit certificate holders
  • It is the responsibility of project implementation agency to arrange certificate from knowledge partners and agencies
  • Easy microfinance/loans for trained youth through financial institutions will arrange through project implementation agency
  • 33% seats will be a mark for minority girls

Duration Of Course Curriculum

  • The minimum duration of course is 2 month and maximum duration of course is 1 year
  • The curriculum and duration of program will be as per the module of MSDE, DC handicrafts, sectoral export promotion Council or development knowledge partners
  • Training on soft skills, IT, spoken english etc will also include in the course
  • Maximum six days in a week and 24 to 26 days in a month will be training days
  • The training will be provided for minimum 5 hours
  • Formation of self help groups and producer companies will also include in the project

Pattern Of Funding

  • USTTAD Scheme is 100% Central sector scheme which will be implemented by Ministry through project implementation agencies
  • The cost of approved projects as per prescribed financial norms would be borne by Ministry
  • Incentive amount of 2% of the project cost will be payable to project implementation agency

Cost of Norms for Various Components of Project

Cost HeadMaximum Allaowed Expenditure
Capacity buildingRs 10000 per trainee per month
Rental and lease expenditureRs 10000 per trainee per month
O & M of training centresRs 10000 per trainee per month
Lunch, tea and local travel expenses during Training or any other function concern to the trainingRs 10000 per trainee per month
Orientation of master craftsman/artisans and inductionRs 10000 per trainee per month
Training expensesRs 10000 per trainee per month
MIS Website, tracking and other monitoring expensesRs 10000 per trainee per month
Prototype developmentRs 10000 per trainee per month
Institutional overheadsRs 10000 per trainee per month
Remuneration to each master craftsman and artisanRs 3000 per trainee per month which should not exceed Rs 0.50 lakh per month (should not exceed Rs 500000 per year)
Incentives2% of the project cost
Cost of Norms for Various Components of USTTAD Scheme Project

In addition to above following cost will also be admissible.

  • Boarding and lodging of beneficiary up to Rs 7500 per month
  • Monthly stipend of Rs 3000 per month
  • If the trainee belongs to north eastern state including Sikkim and left wing extremism affective States then the preference will be given to those PIAs who organise and take up projects within the region locally. If there is some genuine difficulties and then only the projects will be undertaken outside these areas and travelling cost will be provided

Essential Infrastructure For Project Implementation Agencies

  • The agency should have proper building with sufficient number of classrooms and demonstration facilities
  • The building can own or rent
  • Separate toilets for female should be present within the building
  • Machines required for particular craft and infrastructure should also be present in order to conduct quality training
  • If there is some residential course then the organisation is required to have hostel facility separately for both boys and girls
  • Residential facility for outstation trainees should also be ensured by the organisation

Release Of Funds Under USTTAD Scheme

  • After the approval of the project the funds will release in three instalments
  • The first instalment will comprise of 30% of the fund, second instalment will comprise of 50% of the fund and the third instalment will comprise of 20% plus incentives if applicable
  • The pattern of funding will be as per the government norms and can change from time to time
  • Funds will directly disburse into the account of the the project implementation agency by electronic transfer
  • The first instalment will be released after the approval of the project and the state government inspection report has been received by the Ministry
  • The second instalment will release subject to the following conditions:-
    • After utilisation of 60% of 1st instalment supported by an audit utilisation certificate and monthly inspection of account by the authorised agency
    • Submission of year wise audit report for preceding year
    • Inspection by the team of Ministry of minority affairs or State government or any third party authorised for the purpose
    • If the stipend amount is released to the project implementation agency then after the submission of the details about the stipend provided to the trainees along with the bank account statement showing stipend amount remitted to the bank account of the beneficiaries
    • After submission of Progress report of training covering issues mentioned in component A part 3 of the scheme guidelines
  • Third instalment will release subject to the following conditions:-
    • Submission of audited utilisation certificate
    • Submission of project completion report
    • Deliverables required in the project are met and verified by authorised agency
    • Submission of Details of self help groups and placement done in prescribed format
    • Submission of Details of trained candidate self employed in prescribed format

Some Important Points Regarding Application Of Project Implementation Agencies

  • Proposals will invite for empanelment through advertisements in newspaper and official website
  • Online application will accept from Project implementation Agencies and knowledge partners
  • The screening committee will examine the proposal received on the basis of predetermined criteria of empanelment
  • The ministry reserves the right to cancel empanelment at any stage
  • The ministry can empanel organisation every year as per the requirement
  • ministry can also verify the credentials of the organisation

Placement Post Placement And Self Employment Support

  • Placement assistance and counselling will offer to all the candidates
  • As far as possible the placement will make with minimum dislocation
  • Placement should be provided preferably in organised sector
  • Post placement support is provided in order to help candidate in settling down and taking care of their needs
  • Placement in the informal sector will be considered if an offer letter showing minimum wages of the state is provided, certificate from employer that wages has been paid as per the minimum wages is provided and the job should not be purely temporary and must have stability
  • The candidate will be treated as placed if he or she continues to be in job for at least three continuous month

Project Monitoring Under USTTAD Scheme

  • For administration and management of project including consultation, monitoring and evaluation 3% of the total cost will be spent on professional services
  • A project management unit will also establish.
  • Project management unit will consists of contractual outsourced staff as per need
  • For engaging contractual staff relevant GFR will follow.

Project Completion Under USTTAD Scheme

  • The report of project competition is required to be made available by the project implementation agency to the ministry
  • The report should also include audited utilisation certificate and audited reports of second instalment before the release of 3rd instalment
  • Documentation which includes videos, audios and photographs should also be required to be submitted before and after the project
  • The documentation should cover all the details for deliverables as indicated in the project

USTTAD Scheme Apprenticeship Stipend for Research and Development

All the individuals will get an apprenticeship stipend every year on the topics.

  • To carry out research in the field of traditional arts and crafts
  • To maintain the sustainability of traditional art and craft
  • New designs, technology and product development
  • To maintain dignity of labour for traditional craft mens
  • In order to carry out improvement in the condition of minority master craftsmen and artisans
  • To Establish better market limited of traditional arts and crafts
  • In order to carry out innovation in traditional arts and crafts so that they can match with the market demand


  • The applicant must belong to notified minority community
  • Candidate should be post graduate with minimum 50% marks from a recognised institution in textile design, leather design, carpet design or in the same field in which he or she wants to avail fellowship
  • Applicant must have secured admission in university or institution for regular and M. Phil or PHD
  • The age of applicant should not be more than 35 years
  • 33% seats of annual target will reserve for minority girls or women candidate

Funding and Funding Pattern

  • As per University grant commission the rates of senior research fellow will be applicable
  • The total duration of award of fellowship is 3 years
  • An amount of Rs 18000 per month will be provided as fellowship for 1st and 2nd year
  • An amount of Rs 20000 per month will be provided for 3rd year
  • If the research is not completed within 3 years then the fellowship will be extended for one year at Rs 20000 per month with the approval of competent authority
  • The ministry is going to transfer the fund into the bank account of the beneficiary on half yearly basis

Support Of Craft Museum for Curating Traditional Arts/Crafts Under USTTAD Scheme

Below mentioned organizations will receive financial assistance for curating traditional arts and crafts from the ministry:-

  • Private museum
  • Craft museum
  • National museum
  • State museum
  • Any other organisation having expertise and reputation of curating traditional arts and craft


  • A grant of one project upto Rs 20 lakh will consider on project to project basis
  • Sanctioning committee is going to examine and consider the project
  • The funds will release in three installment
  • First installment will consists of 30% of the project cost
  • The first installment will release after the approval of project and entering into the memorandum of understanding between parties
  • Second installment will be of 50% project cost
  • The second installment will release after utilisation of 60% of the first installment supported by an audited utilisation certificate and progress report with photograph
  • The third and final installment will be of 20% of the project cost and will be released upon:-
    • After submission of audited utilisation certificate
    • Submission of deliverables as required in the project which are verified by the authorised agency through random physical verification
    • After submission of project completion report

Hunar Hat And Shilp Utsav- Support To Minority Craftsman/Artisans For Marketing Their Product

In order to meet the following objective this component will implement:-

  • In order to establish linkage with Delhi haat, handicraft emporium etc
  • To provide support to the organisations for conducting exhibitions at state and district level
  • To encourage participation of minority craftsmen in the exibitions, trade fair etc
  • provide platform for the artisans and culinary expert who belong to minority community in order to showcase and sell their crafted product and serve traditional cuisine
  • The Ministry will do 100% funding.


ParticularsFinancial Norms
Cost of organizing exhibitionRs 100000 per stall
Traveling allowanceSecond class sleeper by train or ordinary bus fare for two persons
Daily allowanceA class City- Rs 1200 per craftsmen B class City- Rs 1000 per craftsmen C and D class city- Rs 500 per craftsmen
Advertisement/banner poster/publicity relating to eventAs per actual and subject to approval of ministry
Miscellaneous expenditureAs per actual and subject to approval of ministry
ParticipantsCraft men/artisans. Preference will be given to self help groups
Number of stalls in exhibition50-200
Duration of exhibition p1 week to 3 weeks
Funding under USTTAD Scheme
  • National minorities development and finance corporation/state channelising agencies of NMDFC/state handicraft corporations/Central/state handicraft handloom Council/hunar hubs in state/any other project implementation Agencies who are having expertise in organising marketing events for traditional craft are responsible for implementation of hunar haat and shilp utsav
  • The nodal agency for implementation of hunar haat and Shilp utsav is Ministry of Minority affairs
  • The funds will release into installment of 50% each

USTTAD SAMMAN to Outstanding Master Craft persons And Artisans/Culinary Experts

The USTTAD Samman award for the craftsman has introduced during the year 2017. This award is provided to those craft persons who showcase outstanding contributions, craftsmanship, and development of craft. Every year 10 craft men will provide this award. This recognization will encourage them to continue with the craft more enthusiastically and in a productive manner.


  • Applicant must be permanent resident of India
  • The craftsman must belong to minority community
  • Age of applicant should be more than 30 years
  • The craftsman must have 10 years experience in the field of craft

Contents Of Award

  • Cash price of Rs 100000
  • Copper plaque
  • Angavastram

Selection Criteria

  • The craftsman should have excellence of craftsmanship
  • Craftsman will be judget from the resumes and samples received
  • Processing of other exhibit submitted by the craftsmen and sponsoring organisation
  • Special consideration will provide for languishing craft and innovative prototype will also be given while selecting the craftsman
  • Any other specific criteria decided by the committee
  • the central level selection committee will do selection.

Terms and Conditions Of USTTAD Scheme

  • All the dispute will come under the jurisdiction of court of Delhi
  • If some court case is filed by the organisation then organisation will not receive any grant-in-aid till the matter is pending in the court of law
  • Ministry will not be held responsible for any dispute arising between the implementing organisation and third party
  • The organisation cannot promote any religious/communal/fundamentalist/divisive beliefs or doctrines
  • The organisation cannot charge any fees from the beneficiaries
  • If the organisation is commencing some new project then the organisation is required to report this information to the ministry and state Minority welfare Department. This should be done within 30 days from the receipt of funds by the organisation
  • If there is need of purchase of non recurring items then this purchase is to be made from the authorised dealers subject to vouchers being produced for inspection
  • The provision of general financial rules 150(2) will be applicable where the project implementation Agencies are being provided assistance for the prescribed amount
  • Final installment will release on producing reasonable evidence of proper utilisation of previous installments
  • The organisation is required to maintain a register in the GFR(19) a permanent or semi permanent assets acquired wholly or partially
  • Asset which has been purchase from the grant in aid cannot be disposed of or encumbered or otherwise utilised

Other Terms & Conditions

  • If the progress of the project is not satisfactory or the organisation has violated the guidelines,terms and conditions of the sanction then the grant in aid will be terminated with immediate effect and other actions will be taken against the organisation with or without prior notice
  • If the organisation is blacklisted by the Ministry then that organisation will never be considered by the Ministry
  • Organisation is not authorised to divert grant-in-aid to another organisation or institution
  • Organisation is also required to submit performance cum achievement report as prescribed by the Ministry
  • An Organisation is required to execute a bond on non judicial stamp paper of a Rs 20 in favour of President of India to the effect that it will abide by all the terms and conditions attached to the grant and the scheme will be revised from time to time and if the organisation fails to abide by the same then it will refund the amount to the government
  • Ministry will not provide any payment to temporary or permanent employee appointed by the organisation in order to run the project
  • The organisation will also assist the trainees in opening bank account and transfer of stipend etc
  • Organisation is also required to maintain a separate account in nationalised or scheduled bank in respect to the grant
  • All the kinds of receipt and payments that are of Rs 10,000 or above must be made through cheques
  • The accounts should remain open for inspection by representatives and officers from the ministry orr office of comptroller and auditor general of India
  • The account of grant in aid should be audited either by CAG empanelment auditor or chartered accountants and supply a copy of the audited accounts to the ministry in the first week of June every year

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