DD Free Dish Channel List 2024 PDF | DD Free Dish New Channel Coming Soon List 2023

DD free channel list with channel numbers and frequency including new upcoming channel in 67th e-auction 2024 and also check radio channels list and frequency of all MPEG-2. Check below DD Free Dish new channel coming soon list 2023

DD Free Dish Channel List: Doordarshan (दूरदर्शन) is India's only free Direct to Home service (DTH) which provides free of cost DTH services. It is owned by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Prasar Bharati. DD Free Dish channel is more than 150 channels including MPEG2, MPEG4, HD channels, education channels, news channels. DD free dish has grown a lifeline of varieties for those needing to utilize TV channels for free in India.

Sony Pal and Colors Rishtey will available on DD Free Dish platform on LCN 74 (frequency 11510 V 29500) and LCN 94 (frequency 11550 V 29500) respectively from1 December 2022. Here we have mentioned the DD fee dish channel list 2024 for you all in which you will see all channels you can watch and that too for free. We have mentioned the DD free dish channel list with frequency below.

DD Free Dish Channel List 2024 Overview

Released byPrasar Bharati
DD Free Dish Launch Year2004
Owned by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Release date1st April, 2023
Door darshan Channels91 Channels
Educational Channels51 Channels
Private Channels76 Channels
Total users43 Million Users PAN India
List of DD free Dish channels list
(67th e-auction) for period 01.04.2023 to 31.03.2024
DD Free Dish Channel List PDF
Notice for allotment of vacant MPEG-4 slots of DD Free Dish channels Pdf Notice PDF
Official Website https://prasarbharati.gov.in
Overview of DD Free Dish Channel List

DD Free Dish New Channel Coming Soon List 2023

From the updates of Twitter handle of DD Free Dish India, DD free dish new channel coming soon list 2023 will include 9 TV channels which will broadcast from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

  1. Star Gold Thrills
  2. Nazara TV
  3. Unique TV
  4. Dil Se Movies
  5. Popular TV
  6. Aastha Tamil
  7. Bansal News
  8. Mh 1 Dil Se
  9. Azaad TV

List of successful channel of 5th annual e-Auction of MPEG-2 slots (67th e-auction) of DD Free Dish for the period from 01.04.2023 to 31.03.2024

S.NoChannel NameGenre
1Manoranjan TVGEC (Hindi)
2Manoranjan GrandGEC (Hindi)
3The QGEC (Hindi)
4DangalGEC (Hindi)
5Big MagicGEC (Hindi)
6AzaadGEC (Hindi)
7Dangal 2GEC (Hindi)
8Shemaroo UmangGEC (Hindi)
9Nazara TvGEC (Hindi)
10Ishara TvGEC (Hindi)
11B4U KadakMovies (Hindi)
12Star Utsav MoviesMovies (Hindi)
13B4U MoviesMovies (Hindi)
14Colors Cineplex
Movies (Hindi)
15Dhamaka Movies B4UMovies (Hindi)
16Zee Anmol CinemaMovies (Hindi)
17Sony wahMovies (Hindi)
18Star Gold ThrillsMovies (Hindi)
19Colors Cineplex
Movies (Hindi)
20Manoranjan PrimeMovies (Hindi)
21GoldminesMovies (Hindi)
22Goldmines BollywoodMovies (Hindi)
23Dil se MoviesMovies (Hindi)
24Dhinchaak 2Movies (Hindi)
25Goldmines MoviesMovies (Hindi)
26Movie PlusMovies (Hindi)
27ABZY MoviesMovies (Hindi)
28Enterr 10Movies (Hindi)
29Sports 18 KhelSports (Hindi)
30MTV BeatsMusic (Hindi)
31Zee GangaMovies (Bhojpuri)
32MastiiMusic (Hindi)
33Zee BiskopeMovies (Bhojpuri)
34ZingMusic (Hindi)
35B4U MusicMusic (Hindi)
36ShowboxMusic (Hindi)
37Filamchi BhojpuriMovies (Bhojpuri)
38B4U BhojpuriMovies (Bhojpuri)
39Bhojpuri CinemaMovies (Bhojpuri)
409XMMusic (Hindi)
41News 18 IndiaNews (Hindi)
42Republic TV BharatNews (Hindi)
43TV9 BharatvarshNews (Hindi)
44Zee NewsNews (Hindi)
45NDTV IndiaNews (Hindi)
46ABP NewsNews (Hindi)
47Times Now NavbharatNews (Hindi)
48News NationNews (Hindi)
49Aaj TakNews (Hindi)
50Bharat 24 Vision of
New India
News (Hindi)
51India TVNews (Hindi)
52Good News TodayNews (Hindi)
53RTNews & Current affairs
54Zee PunjabiPunjabi
55Fakt MarathiMarathi
57Manoranjan MoviesPunjabi
59Unique TVKids
60Zee ChitramandirMarathi
62ABZY CoolUrdu
63Sun MarathiMarathi
64Popular TvAssame
65Aastha BhajanDevotional
66Aastha TamilDevotional
67Bansal NewsNews
68Chardikla Time TVNews Channel, Punjab Regional
69MH ONE DIL SEBhojpuri Music
70News 18 UP/UKNews
71News State UP/UKNews
72Sudarshan NewsNews
73Swadesh NewsNews
DD Free Dish New Channel Coming Soon List 2023

DD Free Dish Channel List 2024

Below the list of DD free dish channels without the monthly subscription, user can get 150+ free channels using DD Free-dish.

Channel NoChannel NameFrequencySystem
0001DD News11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0002DD National11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0003DD Retro11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0004DD Kisan11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0006DD Bangla11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0007DD Chandana11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0008DD Girnar11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0009DD Kashir11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0010ABZY Movies11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0011DD Arun Prabha11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0012B4U Movies11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0013Aaj Tak Tez11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0014India News11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0015Dhinchaak11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0016Big Magic Ganga11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0019Manoranjan Grand11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0020DD Oriya11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0021DD Podhigai11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0022DD Punjabi11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0023DD Sahyadri11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0024DD Yadagiri11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0025DD Malayalam11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0026Lok Sabha11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0027Rajya Sabha11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0029Dangal11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0030Bhojpuri Cinema11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0035DD Kohima/ Nagaland11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
037Sony Pal11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
038Rishtey Cineplex11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
039Movie Plus11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
040DD Saptagiri11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
041Colors rishtey11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
042B4U Bhojpuri11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
043Manoranjan TV11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
044TV9 Bharatvarsh11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
045DD UP11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
046Dabangg11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
047DD MP11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
048Zee Anmol Cinema11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
049NDTV India11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
050Surya Bhojpuri11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
051Enterr1011470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
052DD North East11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
053DD Mizoram11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
054DD Chhattisgarh11470 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
055BIG Magic11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
056News18 India11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
0579XM11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
058Maha Movie11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
059Zee Hindustan11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
060DD Bharati11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
061DD Urdu11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
062Mastiii11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
063B4U Music11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
064India TV11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
065News Nation11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
066News2411510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
067Republic Bharat11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
068Aaj tak11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
069ABP News11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
070Zee News11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
071DD Uttarakhand11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
072Zee Punjabi11510 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
073Manoranjan Movies Punjabi11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
074B4U Kadak11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
075Sadhana bhakti11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
076DD Rajasthan11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
077DD Sports11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
078DD Bihar11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
079DD Jharkhand11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
080Test 50811550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
081Maha Punjabi11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
082Test 51011550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
083Zing11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
084DD India International11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
085Lord buddha TV11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
086MTV Beats11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
087Fakt Marathi11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
088Shemaroo Marathibana11550 V 29500DVB-S MPEG2
DD Free Dish Channel List 2024

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DD Free Dish Channel List New
List of DD Dish TV Free Channels

DD Free Dish Channel List 2024 PDF

PDF list of DD free Dish TV Channel can be download from below link.


DD Free Dish New Radio Channels List 2024

Channel Name (Radio)Channel Number (LCN)
AIR News1
AIR Telugu2
AIR Marathi3
AIR Tamil4
AIR Rohtak6
AIR Vijayawada7
AIR Imphal8
AIR Gujarati9
AIR Panjim10
AIR Punjabi11
AIR Puducherry12
AIR Srinagar13
AIR Lucknow14
 AIR Patna15
AIR Bhopal16
AIR Kannada17
AIR Bangla18
AIR Hindi19
AIR North East20
AIR Dehradun21
AIR Port Blair22
AIR Jaipur23
AIR Gangtok24
 AIR Raagam25
AIR Ranchi26
 AIR Urdu27
 AIR Oriya28
AIR Malayalam29
 AIR Assamese30
AIR Raipur31
AIR Shillong32
AIR Kohima33
 AIR Aizawl34
AIR Itanagar35
AIR Agartala36
 AIR Leh37
AIR Shimla38
AIR Jammu39
FM Rainbow Delhi41
FM Gold Delhi42
AIR Darbhanga43
AIR Nazibabad44
 AIR World Service 145
 AIR World Service 246
AIR Neighbourhood Service 147
 AIR Neighbourhood Service 248
DD Free Dish Channel List of Radio

DD National Channel List

Channel NumberChannel Name
001DD News
002DD National
003DD Retro
004DD Kisan
084DD India
077DD Sports
060DD Bharati
061DD Urdu
DD Free Dish Channel List of DD National Channel

Frequency List of All MPEG-2

1st Frequency Channels in MPEG-2 11090 V 29500
2nd Frequency Channels in MPEG-2 11170 V 29500
3rd Frequency Channels in MPEG-2 11470 V 29500
4th Frequency Channels in MPEG-2 11510 V 29500
5th Frequency Channels in MPEG-2 11550 V 29500
DD Free Dish Channel List of Frequency of all MPEG-2

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