Delhi Government Doorstep Service List – Complete Phase 1, 2 and 3 Public Services [Call 1076]

Delhi Government Doorstep Service List, Check complete list of 100 services of 14 departments at their doorstep including 40 services of Phase 1, 30 services of Phase 2 and 30 services of Phase 3

Delhi Government Doorstep Service List: Delhi Government is providing home delivery of services like caste and marriage certificate, driving license and new water connections etc. under Doorstep Delivery Scheme (Sarkar Aapke Dwar) using the helpline 1076. The government has claimed that no citizen of Delhi would have to stand in queues for the services list under the scheme. Now people can simply make a call at 1076 number, register their details answer a facilitator will come at their doorstep with the necessary papers and get their work done.

The Doorstep Delivery scheme will now enable citizens to get 100 public services of 14 departments at their doorstep. The person who comes or the services delivery would charge fees of ₹50 only and would perform all the formalities in his tablet at doorstep of people. All the citizens now does not have to make visits at the government offices. Delhi Government Doorstep Service List is given below for Phase 1 , Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Delhi Government Doorstep Service List 2024

Delhi Government Doorstep Service List Phase 1, 2 and 3 is given below.

Complete List of 100 Services (Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3)
List of 40 Services (Phase 1)
Government services (13)
OBC certificate / SC certificate / ST certificate Domicile / Residence certificate
Income certificate Delayed Birth Order
Delayed Death Order Lal Dora certificate
Report on Land status Permanent Identity Card for disabled people
Issuance of ROR Solvency certificate
Surviving member certificate Marriage registration Certificate
Enrollment as civil defense volunteer  
Transport Department Services (11)
Duplicate RC Change of address in RC
Transfer of ownership of vehicle Hypothecation addition
Hypothecation termination Issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC)
Learner licence Permanent driving Licence (DL)
Renewal of driving licence Duplicate driving Licence (Temporary Copy)
Change of address in driving licence  
Services in Social Welfare Department (4)
Delhi family welfare Delhi family benefit scheme
Handicapped pension scheme Old age pension scheme
Ration department (2)
Issuance of priority household cards Update of member details in different cards
Delhi jal board services (5)
New water connection New sewer connection
Mutation Reopening after rebuilding of house etc.
Disconnection of water supply  
Services in labour department (2)
Registration of construction workers – building construction worker act Renewal of registration – building construction worker act
Women and child department (2)
Widow pension scheme Financial assistance to poor widow for daughter’s marriage
Law and Justice department (1)
Marriage licence for marriages of Indian Christians
List of 30 Services (Phase 2)
Labour Department (7)
Grant of License for Contractor under Sections 12 of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition Act, 1970) Grant of Licence for working of Passenger Lift
Grant of Registration of Establishment employing building workers of BOCW (RE&CS) Act, 1996 Grant of Registration Certificate of Principal Employer under Section 7 of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition Act, 1970)
Periodical Inspection of Lift Grant of Electrical Contractor License
Issuance of Certificate of Competency Class 1 (Electrical Supervisor)  
D.T.T.D.C (1)
Booking of Tour Package  
SC / ST Welfare Department (5)
Post Matric Scheme for SC Students Pre Matric Scheme for SC Students
Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Student of College / Professional Institution Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Student (PMS-OBC)
Pre Matric Scholarship for OBC Student (PMS-OBC)  
Higher Education (2)
Higher Education and Skill Development Guarantee Scheme of Delhi Higher Education Aid Trust Merit-cum-Means Income Linked Financial Assistance Scheme of Delhi Education Aid Trust
Food & Supplies Department (7)
Addition of Members in Ration Card Change in Head of Family
Change in Residential Address Deletion of Members in the Ration Card
Issuance of Duplicate Ration Card Transfer of Ration Card within Delhi
Updation of mobile number of beneficiary  
Transport Department (2)
Addition of new class of vehicle to a Driving License Motor Vehicle Tax
Tourism Department (1)
Registration of Bed and Breakfast establishments  
Delhi Transport Corporation (2)
Issuance of general all route Bus Pass for AC & Non AC Buses Issuance of Delhi-NCR bus passes
Drugs Control (3)
Grant of License to Chemist Grant of License for sale of Homoeopathic drug
Grant of Licence for sale of schedule X drug  
List of 30 Services (Phase 3)
Transport Department
Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)
Labour Department
Women and Child Department
Delhi Pharmacy Council
Drug Control

Delhi Government Doorstep Service List

Check Delhi Government Doorstep Service List at

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  1. As per guidelines, I have got my ELV scrrapped by the authorised scrappers and a certificate in this respect has been issued to me by him. Cut piece of chasis is also with me. He has told me that I will have to go the RTO for getting the Vehicle deregistered. Sir, I am a senior citizen running in the 74 year of my life and having some medical conditions also and am, therefore, not in a position to give visits to the RTO. Sir, is there any problem if this service is also added to the list of doorstep delivery of services and helping the people like me? Please give it a thought.

  2. Pl. add the service of deregistration of scrapped ELVs to the list of doorstep delivery of services. Thanks.

  3. क्या दिल्ली के chief minister और up के chief minister sahab का helpline no 1076 एक ही है। मैं बराबर 1076 मिलाता हूँ तो up cm के यहां मिल रहा है । कृपया बताएं मैं किस नम्बर पर संपर्क करू।

  4. बिलकुल सही साहब, में भी बहुत दिनों से परेशान हूं, हेल्पलाइन ना मिल कर उत्तरप्रेदेश के मुख्य मंत्री जी की हेल्पलाइन पर लग जाता है।

  5. कोई भी कार्य नेही होता है खाली जोर जोर प्रचार चलता हे 1076 में बहुत बार कॉल उठाया नेहीँ जाता और door step में मेरा कॉल रिसीव करके थोड़ा बात करके बात पूरी नेहीँ होता है कॉल काट दिया जाता कोई भी सहायता मुझे नेहीँ मिल पाया

  6. 1 ganta hold mai daal keh bola ki post office jao wohi hoga waste of time 1 ganteh mai toh post office hi poch jata mai joh chiz kr nhi skteh woh chiz bool ni hi nhi chaheyeh

  7. Very poor response from Delhi door step services I have suffering from last one month . Three times appointment has been rescheduled and two times I have complainted in this regard but no response from Delhi door step services. Only time waste program.

  8. Tried to book doorstep delivery service on Tel ph no. 1076 but it is not working.

  9. Very poor service yha se kaam lene ka mtlb h totaly time waste.. Mene permanent driving k lea apply kiya tha aaj tk application number nhi mila 1 mahina hogya… Very poor and totaly time waste. I request for CM sir please check it and doing work! Properly…

  10. 1076 is just not available. Been trying for a week. Voice message says this number does not exist! What is the use of offering doorstep services if numbers, do not exist! I am a senior citizen and wish to avail this help. Also UP CM Helpline is the same! So confusing

  11. sir pls.meri beti k birth certificate m father name or mother k naam ki sapleing galat hai pls. sahi update karanay ki kirpa kare koi helpline no.dey

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