Delhi Whisky Price List 2024 (Whisky / Beer / Rum/ Vodka)

Check below Delhi whisky prices list of all Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) brands sold in Delhi region and black dog price in Delhi. Download Delhi Whisky approved liquor rate list pdf

Delhi Whisky Price List 2024: Delhi Excise and Taxation Department has released approved list of liquor rate 2024 in Delhi. This list contains the price of all India and foreign whisky, wine, scotch, beer and other alcohol brands which are sold in Delhi. The price of whisky in Delhi range from ₹500 to ₹10,000, price of Vodka range from ₹500 to ₹6,000 and price of Beer ranges from ₹100 to ₹500. Check below black dog price in Delhi, red label price in Delhi, Black label price in Delhi, Blenders pride price in Delhi, 100 Pipers price in Delhi and price of all Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) brands that are sold at Delhi liquor outlets.

Delhi alcohol approved rate list 2024-25 is also available at the official website of Excise and Taxation Department Delhi In Delhi, whisky of some popular brands like Blender Pride Whisky, Black Dog Whisky, Royal Stage Barrel Select Whisky, Imperial Blue, McDowells Signature Whisky, Antiquity, Paul John Brilliance Whisky, Jameson Irish Whisky, The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old Whisky, Chivas Regal Whisky and Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky is available at outlets of Delhi. The complete list of Delhi liquor price of all Indian and foreign brand is given below.

Delhi Whisky Price List

Here you can check price list of various liquor brands that are sold in union territory of Delhi at retail shops and bars. The prices may vary depending upon location and type of shop. These price are Delhi government approved priced by Delhi Excise and Taxation Department. You can idea of price of various brands like Royal Stag, Imperial Blue, McDowells No. 1, Dot Whisky, Sterling Reserve B10, Blenders Pride, Royal Green, Antiquity, Teachers, Signature, Officers Choice, Redbreast, Dennis, Glenfiddich, Maqintosh, J.P. Wisers, 8 PM, Bagpipe and other Indian & foreign brands .

Whisky Brand NameLocationPack Size
Price in INR
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 530
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 540
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 250
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 460
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 500
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 110
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 220
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 490
DOT Whisky Delhi180 mlRs 125
DOT Whisky Delhi375 mlRs 245
DOT Whisky Delhi750 mlRs 490
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1000
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 190
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 380
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 750
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 110
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 185
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 370
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 750
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 990
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 130
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 220
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 440
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 850
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1150
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 530
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 260
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 500
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 950
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1200
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 1150
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 2000
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 2700
Signature Rare Aged Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 380
Signature Rare Aged Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 750
Signature Rare Aged Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 990
All Seasons Whisky Price Delhi1000 mlRs 660
All Seasons Whisky Price Delhi375 mlRs 250
All Seasons Whisky Price Delhi750 mlRs 480
All Seasons Whisky Price Delhi90 mlRs 60
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 185
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 370
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 90
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 45
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 470
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 1047
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 210
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 120
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1250
Officers Choice Blue Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 190
Officers Choice Blue Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 370
Officers Choice Blue Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 100
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi60 mlRs 65
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 400
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 800
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 210
8 PM Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 260
8 PM Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 520
8 PM Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Directors Special Black Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 260
Directors Special Black Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 480
Directors Special Black Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Pride Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 470
Royal Pride Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 950
Royal Pride Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 240
Paul John Bold Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 4500
Paul John Bold Whisky PriceDelhi50 mlRs 300
Paul John Peated Select Cask PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 5400
Rampur Single Malt Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 5800
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 310
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 100
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 190
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Redbreast 15 Year Old Irish Whiskey PriceDelhi700 mlRs 7200
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 150
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 280
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 560
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 150
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 280
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 560
Bagpiper Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 100
Bagpiper Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 210
Bagpiper Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 420
Ballantine's Finest WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 1700
Ballantine's 12 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 2700
Ballantine’s 17 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 7500
Ballantine’s 30 Year Old WhiskyDelhi700 mlRs 24800
Ballantine's Purity / Signature ScotchDelhi750 mlRs 28600
Ballantine's Pure Malt Scotch WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 3600
Ballantine’s Hard Fired WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 2500
Ballantine Serenity Scotch WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 7400
Ballantine 21 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 9900
Whytehall Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 120
Whytehall Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Whytehall Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 475
The Bowmore 12 Year Old Whisky PriceDelhi700 mlRs 3800
The Bowmore 15 Year Old Whisky PriceDelhi700 mlRs 5900
The Bowmore 25 Year Old Whisky PriceDelhi700 mlRs 11200
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 580
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi375 mlRs 250
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi750 mlRs 480
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 630
Glenfiddich Single Malt PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 6700
Glenfiddich 12 years priceDelhi750 MLRs. 8700
Glenfiddich 12-year-old priceDelhi750 MLRs. 7400
Glenfiddich 18 years priceDelhi700 MLRs. 9389
Glenfiddich 15 years priceDelhi700 MLRs. 7200
Glenfiddich cask collection priceDelhi750 MLRs. 8430
Glenfiddich 1 liter priceDelhi1 LtrRs. 4520
The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve WhiskyDelhi750 MLRs. 5400
The Glenlivet Master Distillers Reserve Malt WhiskyDelhi750 MLRs. 8200
The Glenlivet 15 Year Malt ScotchDelhi750 MLRs. 7400
The Glenlivet 18 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 MLRs. 8300
The Glenlivet 21 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 MLRs. 12600
The Glenlivet 25 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 MLRs. 32800
The Glenlivet Nàdurra First Fill Selection WhiskyDelhi750 MLRs. 6600
Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 3100
White Walker by Johnnie Walker Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 6300
Johnnie Walker Blue Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 15600
Johnnie Walker Green Label Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 4100
Johnnie Walker Swing Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 4600
Johnnie Walker XR Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 12200
Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 2200
Johnnie Walker platinum label Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 6500
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 14300
Passport Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 1300
Passport Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi1000 MLRs. 1800
Macallan 12 Year Old Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 4800
Macallan Double Cask Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 3400
The Macallan 15yr Old Malt Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 10500
The Macallan 18yr Old Malt Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs. 21500
Monkey Shoulder Whisky PriceDelhi700 MLRs. 3800
Black and White Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 450
Black and White Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 750
Black and White Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 1400
Black and White Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi1 ltrRs 1900
Maqintosh Premium Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 225
Maqintosh Premium Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 450
Maqintosh Premium Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 900
Maqintosh Premium Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1190
Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi60 mlRs 100
Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 310
Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 900
Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 620
Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 1200
Black Dog Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 780
Black Dog Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 1500
Black Dog Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 390
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs 1900
Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi750 MLRs 2300
100 Pipers  Whisky PriceDelhi60 mlRs. 110
100 Pipers Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs. 170
100 Pipers Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs. 350
100 Pipers Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs. 700
100 Pipers Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs. 1310
100 Pipers Whisky PriceDelhi1 LtrRs. 1520
Vat 69 Whisky PriceDelhi60 mlRs. 90
Vat 69 Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs. 175
Vat 69 Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs. 380
Vat 69 Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs. 750
Vat 69 Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs. 1500
Vat 69 Whisky PriceDelhi1 LtrRs. 1750
Jameson Whiskey PriceDelhi60 mlRs. 300
Jameson Whiskey PriceDelhi90 mlRs. 570
Jameson Whiskey PriceDelhi180 mlRs. 950
Jameson Whiskey PriceDelhi375 mlRs. 1900
Jameson Irish Whiskey Caskmates PriceDelhi750 mlRs. 4350
Jameson Irish Whiskey PriceDelhi1 LtrRs. 3,200
Chivas Regal 12 Year Scotch WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 2900
Chivas Regal XV Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 4100
Chivas Regal 18-Year-Old Whiskey PriceDelhi750 mlRs 7900
Chivas Regal 25 Year Old Scotch WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 21400
Chivas Brothers Blend Scotch Whiskey PriceDelhi750 mlRs 3200
Chivas Regal Extra Whiskey PriceDelhi750 mlRs 2800
Chivas Regal Mizunara Whiskey PriceDelhi750 mlRs 3900
Chivas regal Ultis Whiskey PriceDelhi750 mlRs 14600
Jim Beam 8 Star BourbonDelhi750 mlRs 2400
Jim Beam Apple BourbonDelhi750 mlRs 1800
Jim Beam White BourbonDelhi750 mlRs 1500
Jim Beam Devils Cut BourbonDelhi750 mlRs 2100
Jim Beam Black BourbonDelhi750 mlRs 2900
Jim Beam Honey BourbonDelhi750 mlRs 1850
Jim Beam Bourbon Original White LabelDelhi750 mlRs 1600
Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 2400
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 3600
Jack Daniels White Rabbit Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 4100
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 4600
Jack Daniels 1907 Whiskey Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 2300
Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 2500
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 2700
Dewars 25 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 22800
Dewars White Label Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 1700
Dewars 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 3500
Dewars 15 Year Blended Scotch Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 5400
J.P. Wisers 18 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 3600
J.P. Wisers 35 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 12500
J.P. Wisers De Luxe 10 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 1300
J.P. Wisers 15 Year Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 3300
J.P. Wisers Rare Cask WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 3800
ALVINDelhi180 MlRs 125
ALVINDelhi750 mlRs 500
Delhi Whisky Price List

Dot Whisky Price List in Delhi

Dot whisky is an Indian made foreign liquor whisky. The price of Dot whisky in Delhi ranges from ₹490 for quarts and ₹125 for nips.

Whisky Brand NameRegionPack SizePrice in INR
DOT Whisky Delhi750 ML.490
DOT Whisky Delhi375 ML.245
DOT Whisky Delhi180 ML.125
Dot Whisky Price in Delhi

Delhi Whisky Price (Approved Liquor Rate) List PDF

Download Delhi whisky price (approved liquor rate) list pdf Indian and foreign liquor from below link.

Download PDF

Delhi Rate List of IMFL and BEER Brands

  • K.F ULTRA MAX PR.FN ST BEER 500M - ₹140
  • LONE WOLF MILD BEER 500ML (CAN) - ₹120

Download full list of Delhi whisky, vodka, rum, wine, brandy and beer price list from the link given below.

Download PDF

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