Punjab Liquor Price List of India and Foreign Whisky, Wine, Vodka, Brandy, Beer and Other Alcohol Brands

Check out Punjab Liquor Price List of Wine, Whisky, Scotch, Vodka, Brandy, Royal Stag, Blender Pride, Antiquity Blue, Champagne, VAT 69, Black Dog Gold, Beer and other alcohol brands which are sold in Punjab state

Punjab Liquor Price List : Excise & Taxation Department Government of Punjab has released new rate list 2023 of liquor in Punjab. This liquor rate list contains the price of all India and Foreign whisky, Wine, Scotch, Beer and alcohol Brands which are sold in Punjab state.

Punjab government had read 20 to 25%, the cost of Royal Stag, Blenders Pride, Antiquity Blue was smaller in Punjab. more than 220000 bottles are sold daily in Punjab and this figure has improved by 50% as compared to last year. Therefore it has been seen that the need for liquor in Punjab is increasing day by day. Here you find all types of alcohol: Desi Daru, whiskey, vodka, wine, brandy, rum, beer, champagne, etc. Punjab Liquor Price List is given below.

Punjab Liquor Price List

Brand Name Of liquorQuantity (ML)Price (in ₹)
Grand Affair750270
Grand Affair375150
Grand Affair18080
Officer Choice750300
Office Choice375160
Officer Choice18090
Old Monk750320
Old Monk37590
Old Monk180100
DSP Black750320
DSP Black375170
DSP Black18090
Mc Dowels750350
Mc Dowels375190
Mc Dowels180100
OC Blue750350
OC Blue375190
OC Blue180100
Imperial Blue750350
Imperial Blue375190
Imperial Blue180100
Royal Stag750430
Royal Stag375220
Royal Stag180110
Royal Challenge750460
Royal Challenge375250
Royal Challenge180130
All Season750430
All Season375220
All Season180110
Magic Moment Vodka750430
Magic Moment Vodka375220
Magic Moment Vodka180110
Magic Moment Flavour Vodka750460
Magic Moment Flavour Vodka375250
Magic Moment Flavour Vodka180130
Royal Stag Barrel Select750460
Royal Stag Barrel Select375250
Royal Stag Barrel Select180130
Signature Rare750650
Signature Rare375350
Signature Rare180190
Blenders Pride750650
Blenders Pride375350
Blenders Pride180190
Smirnoff Vodka750650
Smirnoff Vodka375350
Smirnoff Vodka180190
Rock Ford Classic750650
Rock Ford Classic375350
Rock Ford Classic180190
Morpheus XO Blended Premium Brandy750700
Antiquity Rare750900
Antiquity Rare375480
Antiquity Rare180250
Rock Ford Reserve750900
Rock Ford Reserve375480
Rock Ford Reserve180250
Blenders Pride Reserve750900
Blenders Pride Reserve375480
Blenders Pride Reserve180250
VAT 697501000
VAT 69375520
VAT 69180270
100 Piper7501100
100 Piper375570
100 Piper180270
Teacher Cream7501200
Teacher Cream375630
Teacher Cream180320
Black & White7501200
Black & White375630
Black & White180320
Black Dog Century7501300
Black Dog Century375670
Black Dog Century180350
Black Dog Gold7501600
Black Dog Gold375850
Black Dog Gold180450
100 Piper 12 Years7501600
100 Piper 12 Years375850
100 Piper 12 Years180450
Black Label7502500
Red Label7501100
Chivas Regal7502500
JC Wine7501000
AS Vodka7501100
Thunder Bolt(beer)170
Kingfisher strong(beer)170
kingfisher Ultra(beer)200
MM Whisky750270
MM Whisky375150
MM Whisky18080
Punjab Liquor Price List

Punjab Approved List PDF of India and Foreign Liquor

Process to check Punjab Liquor price list of Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whisky, Beer, Brandy and other Country Liquor and Foreign Liquor is given below.

Liquor Rate List in Punjab
Liquor Rate List in Punjab

Punjab Liquor Price List PDF

Download Punjab Liquor Price List pdf from below link


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