Railways Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges and Refund Rules

Tatkal waiting list cancellation charges 2022, check railway tatkal waoting list conformation changes and IRCTC waiting cancellation charges and refund rules pdf

Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges: Tatkal ticket booking is meant for passengers who have to undertake a train journey on short notice. It is mainly meant for passengers who have immediate plans for travel. The tatkal ticketing window opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. However, passengers do come across various booking status like waitlist, RAC, or not getting desired berths while opting to book tatkal tickets.  In certain emergency situations, Passengers who have booked tatkal tickets may have to cancel their travel tickets.

The Railways permit refund on cancellation of unused and partially used tickets after deduction of cancellation charges. You can claim refund on such tickets. However, you must remember that your ticket should be surrendered within a prescribed time frame vis a vis the scheduled / actual departure time of the train. Depending on this time frame a specified amount or a percentage of fare will be deducted as cancellation charge. Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges is given below.

Tatkal Waiting list cancellation Charges and Refund Rules

If the PNR status of the booked tatkal tickets remains in waitlisted/RAC status, then you can cancel them about half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train. In case, if the waitlisted tatkal tickets did not get confirmed, then they would be automatically cancelled and the passengers would be refunded. In the case of RAC or the waitlisted tickets, the refund will be given after the deduction of the clerkage charges. Tatkal waiting list cancellation charges and refund rule is given below.

The below list of Refund Rules.

Nature of TicketTime Limit for Cancellation of Ticket Cancellation Charge per passenger
Tickets unused and unreserved Within 3 hours of the issue of the ticket Rs: 30/-
Unreserved tickets issued in advance
Upto 24 hours of the day preceding  day of journey
Rs: 30/-
Unused WL/RAC ticketsUpto 30 minutes before the schedule  departure of the train
   Rs: 60/-
Unused confirmed tickets
More than 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the trainRs: 240/- For 1A and EC Class
Rs: 200/- For 2A and FC Class
Rs: 180/-For 3A and CC Class
Rs: 120/-For SL Class
Rs: 60/-For 2S Class
Between 48 hours and upto 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train
25% of the fare paid
Within 12 hrs and upto 4hrs before the schedule departure of the train
50% of the Fare Paid
Partially used reserved ticketsUpto 3 days after arrival of the train where you terminated the journey.Fare for the travelled portion shall be retained and the balance amount of the ticket shall be refundable as the fare for the untravelled portion of Journey
Confirmed / RAC ticket of Suvidha Special Train6 hrs  before the scheduled departure of the train
50% refund of fare subject of minimum flat cancellation charges
Rs 240/- for 1A & EC Class
Rs 200/- for 2A&FC Class
Rs 180/- for 3A& CC Class
Rs 120/- for SL Class
Rs 60/- for 2S Class
Tatkal Waiting List Cancellation Charges and Refund Rule

Railways Tickets Refund Rules PDF

Download Indian Railways tickets refunds rules pdf from below link



Tickets Refund Rules
Tickets Refund Rules

Tatkal Waiting List Confirmation Chances

Types of Waiting List

IRCTC main types of waiting List is given below.

  • WL: This is the most common waiting list. It is for tickets booked on the waiting list.
  • LDWL: This is the waiting list ticket for tickets in the ladies' seats.
  • CKWL: This is the waiting list for tatkal, or short-notice travel, tickets. Tickets on this list will advance to confirmed only if someone who also with a booked tatkal ticket cancels, so the chance of getting your ticket confirmed is small if your waiting list position is greater than 10.
  • PQWL: This is the waiting list ticket against the pooled quota. The chance of getting this ticket confirmed is very small.

Chances of Getting a Confirmation of Ticket

There are following steps to check ticket confirmation.

Step 1 : Visit Indian Railways Enquiry Official website https://www.indianrail.gov.in/enquiry/ or https://indiarailinfo.com.

Step 2 : At home page, click on PNR Enquiry.

Step 3 : Enter PNR No. (Passenger Reservation Number) and click on "Submit" button.

Step 4 : You will see the details of your booking.

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