US Presidents List and Vice President List with Terms of Service

United States of America Presidents List with their Term of Office and Political Party name, also Check All Vice Presidents of USA from 1789 to 2024

US Presidents List 2024:- Under Article II of American Constitution, The President of United States is the head of State and Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. The president of America is elected via an electoral College system for a term of 4 years. Since 22nd Amendment 1951 no person can be elected president for more than 2 terms.As the head of the government of the United States, the president is arguably the most powerful government in the world.

Joe R.Biden is 46th President of United States of America and First Lady is Jill Biden. At present Kamala Harris is Vice President of USA. As on May 2022 US Presidents List includes total 46 Presidents. US Presidents list is given below.

US Presidents List from 1789 to 2024

List of Presidents of the United States of America :-George Washington was the first president of United states, Martha Washington was first Lady and john Adams was first Vice President of United States. Franklin D. Roosevelt, term of office is maximum of all presidents of America, he served as President for 12 years, William Henry Harrison Presidency term is the shortest only for 31 days. US Presidents List is given below.

46th President of United states is Joseph R. Biden and First Lady is Jill Biden and Kamala Harris is Vice President of United States. Us Presidents List in chronological order including all President and Vice president with their Political party name and term of office till 2022 is given below in table. US Presidents List in Chronological Order

S.NoName of PresidentPolitical Party Term of OfficeVice President
1George WashingtonUnaffiliated1789 – 1797John Adams
2John AdamsFederalist1797 – 1801Thomas Jefferson
3Thomas JeffersonDemocratic Republican 1801 – 1809Aaron Burr, Geroge Clinton
4James MadisonDemocratic Republican 1809 – 1817Elbridge Gerry
5James MonroeDemocratic Republican 1817 – 1825Daniel D. Tompkins
6John Quincy AdamsDemocratic Republican 1825 – 1829John C Calhoun
7Andrew JacksonDemocratic 1829 – 1837Martin Van Buren
8Martin van BurenDemocratic 1837 – 1841Richard Mentor Johnson
9William Henry HarrisonWhig1841John Tyler
10John TylerWhig1841 – 1845Vacant throughout presidency
11James PolkDemocratic 1845 – 1849George M. Dallas
12Zachary TaylorWhig1849 – 1850Millard Fillmore
13Millard FillmoreWhig1850 – 1853Vacant throughout presidency
14Franklin PierceDemocratic 1853 – 1857William R. King
15James BuchananDemocratic 1857 – 1861John C. Breckinridge
16Abraham LincolnRepublican1861 – 1865Hannibal Hamlin, Andrew Johnson
17Andrew JohnsonNational Union1865 – 1869Vacant throughout presidency
18Ulysses S. GrantRepublican1869 – 1877Schuyler Colfax, Henry Wilson
19Rutherford B. HayesRepublican1877 – 1881William A. Wheeler
20James Abram GarfieldRepublican1881Chester Arthur
21Chester Alan ArthurRepublican1881 – 1885Vacant throughout presidency
22Grover ClevelandDemocratic1885 – 1889Thomas A Hendrick
23Benjamin HarrisonRepublican1889 – 1893Levi P. Morton
24Grover ClevelandDemocratic1893 – 1897Adlai Stevenson
25William McKinleyRepublican1897 – 1901Garret Hobart, Theodore Roosevelt
26Theodore RooseveltRepublican1901 – 1909Charles W. Fairbanks
27William Howard TaftRepublican1909 – 1913James S. Sherman
28Woodrow (Thomas) WilsonDemocratic1913 – 1921Thomas R. Marshall
29Warren Gamaliel HardingRepublican1921 – 1923Calvin Coolidge
30Calvin (John) CoolidgeRepublican1923 – 1929Charles G. Dawes
31Herbert Clark HooverRepublican1929 – 1933Charles Curtis
32Franklin Delano RooseveltRepublican1933 – 1945John Nance garner, Henry A. Wallace, Harry S. Truman
33Harry S. TrumanDemocratic1945 – 1953Alben W. Barkley
34Dwight (David) EisenhowerRepublican1953 – 1961Richard Nixon
35John Fitzgerald KennedyDemocratic1961 – 1963Lyndon B. Johnson
36Lyndon Baines JohnsonRepublican1963 – 1969Hubert Humphrey
37Richard Milhouse NixonDemocratic1969 – 1974Spiro Agnew
38Gerald Rudolph FordRepublican1974 – 1977Nelson Rockerfeller
39Jimmy CarterDemocratic1977 – 1981Walter Mondale
40Ronald Wilson ReaganRepublican1981 – 1989George Herbert Walker Bush
41George Herbert Walker BushRepublican1989 – 1993Dan Quayle
42William (Bill) Jefferson ClintonDemocratic1993 – 2001Al Gore
43George Walker BushRepublican2001 – 2009Dick Cheney
44Barack Hussein ObamaDemocratic2009 – 2017Joe Biden
45Donald TrumpRepublican2017 – 2021Mike Pence
46Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Democratic2021 – IncumbentKamala Harris
US Presidents List

List of Vice Presidents United States

Check Vice Presidents List of United States from below link, US Presidents List PDF

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