UGC CARE List 2021 | Journal Submission Form PDF Download

UGC CARE List 2021 | List of Indian Journal in UGC CARE | List of Journal 2021 PDF ugc care Download | UGC CARE Hindi Journal List | UGC CARE List Group 1 |Need for UGC CARE List

University Grants Commission Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (UGC-CARE) is global standards of high quality research, in all academic disciplines under its purview. The University Grants Commission (UGC) aspires to stimulate and empower the Indian academia through its Quality Mandate.


The UGC CARE List has two groups.

  • UGC-CARE List Group I : Journals found qualified through UGC CARE protocols.
  • UGC-CARE List Group II : Journals indexed in Gloabally recognised databases.

Process to search UGC-CARE List is given below.

Step 1 : Visit University Grants Commission Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics website

Step 2 : At home Page, go to select option.

Search UGC CARE List
Search UGC CARE List

Step 3 : Select search by option, Title, ISSN, Publisher, Subject, Language of Publication.

Step 4 : Enter Search Value and click on ‘Search‘ option for UGC-CARE List.

UGC CARE Journal Submission Form

UGC CARE Journal Submission Form and information to submit new journal can be downloaded from below link.

UGC New Journal Submission Information

Submission Form

Need for UGC CARE List

  • The credibility of research publications is extremely important because it represents the academic image of not just an individual, but of the institution and the entire nation.
  • The number of research articles published in reputed journals is one of the globally accepted indicators considered for various academic purposes.
  • The problem of predatory / dubious / sub standard journals has become a cause of serious concern all over the world.
  • Publications in dubious / sub standard journals reflect adversely leading to long term academic damage and a tarnished image of an individual, institution and the nation.

List of UGC Approved Journals PDF

Download UGC approved journals list PDF from below link.

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  1. In stead of continuing the policy of excluding some journals from CARE list, there should be a stringent alternative policy to encourage the listed journals to maintain the prescribed standard. Otherwise, the scholars have to face lots of problems beyond their anticipation. Hope, the competent authority shall consider this matter seriously. Myself I published one article in a CARE listed journal in 2020, but it no longer exists in the April 2021 updated list. Was it my guilt?


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